Battle to Breakthrough

Having Done All Stand: Choosing Courage Under Threat

One of the things you can never truly know about yourself is how you’re going to react to life’s extreme struggles, trials and difficult circumstances – until you’re faced with them. You know the adage: “Fight, flight or freeze”? God’s Word says “Having done all stand“, so there needs to be another response option for the believer: FAITH!

We all face the pain and troubles of life, but we don’t all face them the same way. Some rage and scream. Some cower. Some tremble. Some hide. Some fight. Some flee. Some freeze in fear. For most people, the reaction to anxiety, fear, shock, stress, trauma and difficulties depends on what is going on inside and outside – and how high the stakes are.

“Having Done All Stand” Means Falling to Your Knees

While many unexpected things happen in life, how you respond to the external forces of life is very telling of the internal forces at work inside of you. The only way to prepare ahead of time for the tough seasons in your faith and in your life is from the inside. If the Word of God says “having done all stand”, that means you’ve come to the end of your resources, and there’s nothing left to do, except stand and refused to be moved. The best way to do that is to fall down at His feet and worship Him. His strength becomes yours when you worship in the waiting.

You are not weaponless in your battles, and you are not alone. But if you’re going to emerge victorious, you’ll need to become a skilled warrior and a master at using the weapons God has given you. Just like you wouldn’t step into a war zone without as much training as possible on how to use your weapons, how to keep your wits about you and how to respond to attacks, you shouldn’t think you’ll be any more successful at stepping into life without proper, spiritual training.

If you’re a worshipper now, having honed your instinct to turn to the Lord in worship in all things, then when the battle comes, you’ll be ready and you’ll know how to respond to the enemies that come against you.

~Alicia Purdy

Then, in the day of adversity, when you have a choice to make- fight, flight, freeze or FAITH you might feel vulnerable, but having done all stand! You’ll have the seasoned faith experience, the foundation of the Word, the power of praise and an unflinching gaze on the Lord so you can take a stand against the enemy and will find yourself unmovable against the tide!

Stand, therefore!

Your faith must be ready to fight at all times because Jesus assured us that in the world, tribulation and trials would come. (John 16:33) Satan will go for the weak, the lame, the sick and the young first, but he’s just as willing to go after the strong as well and, just like any skilled hunter, he has been stalking you and watching your life and he knows where and when to strike you in the places you are the most vulnerable.

Worship is your training. Worship hones your spiritual instincts to react how God needs you to react in battle. A lifestyle of worship is what you’re going to fall back on when it’s time to retreat, or regroup, or take refuge under the shadow of His wing – or having done all STAND. If you’re a worshipper now, having honed your instinct to turn to the Lord in worship in all things, then when the battle comes, you’ll be ready and you’ll know how to respond to the enemies that come against you.

Thought for today: Having Done All Stand …Fall, Sing, Kneel, Shout -Praise!

The enemy has taken enough territory! It is time to take it back. In every battle you face, you have a choice to make- whether to run away, fight in the natural, freeze in terror or stand in faith. Your spiritual instinct will be directly proportional to your spiritual preparedness. That is not a point of condemnation, but encouragement! When Jesus said, “The violent take it by force” – He meant YOU.

You “set your love” upon the Lord in worship – and His Word promises that He will honor that Worship is how you stay connected to the Spirit of the Lord. His Spirit will give you everything you need – even words about what the future holds, if the Holy Spirit needs you to know that (John 16:13). Your mission is to stay connected to Him and fight for that connection every day, every moment, if need be- and don’t let anything break it. Get into the presence of God through worship now, before the battle begins. Worship is the winning strategy!! Fight. Flight. Freeze or… Faith? You’ll be strong enough to stand in faith if you train yourself to win!

Start Building Your Strength Right Now and Push Back Against the Enemy! “Winning the War Against Your Mortal Enemy, Satan”

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