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The Way of the Worshipper is an in depth, devotional-style Bible study blog filled with resources to help you grow in your faith, strength, and understanding of God’s design, due order, and dynamic in praise and worship!

Here you will find numberous blog posts, long form articles about topics of faith, in-depth Bible word studies, shareable social media posts, printables and many free Bible study tools all produced with Alicia Purdy’s unique style of Bible Journalism.

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Praise Foundations

Foundational teachings about what the Bible teaches on praise and worship.

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Explores God’s Word about living a life that reflects your commitment to Him.

The Weapon of Worship

Learn about how God uses praise and worship to help His people overcome the enemy in spiritual battles.

The Life of Faith

Faith-focused articles for all believers seeking Biblical encouragement and exhortation.

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The Seven Hebrew Words for Praise are among the most popular teaching series at The Way of the Worshipper.

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when the enemy comes in like a flood printable Isaiah 59 19
DENY YOURSELF Free Printable Coloring Page

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The purpose of The Way of the Worshipper is to help facilitate a deeper connection between you and the Spirit of God through exploring the purposes for which God created worship and understanding what worship means to Him.

Worship is a weapon of spiritual warfare that empowers believers to walk in victory over the enemy in all areas of life, yet worship is the most attacked and most misunderstood and most misused weapon of spiritual warfare.

Together, we will “Run the race that is set before us,” (Hebrews 12:1-2) with knowledge, endurance and strength. Three of the most necessary tools any believer can have in battle!

Here are the some of the most popular devotional Bible studies at The Way of the Worshipper to get you started: