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“The Way of the Worshipper: Connecting to the Spirit of God through Restoring Purpose, Intimacy and Understanding in Worship” is the culmination of years of teaching, study, experience and history, delving more deeply into the Word of God about the subject of praise and worship. Connecting with the Spirit of God in worship is fundamental to the life of the believer, and yet, so many Christians never experience the power of the Spirit in worship- and as a result, never experience the natural outflow of the Spirit of God: miracles, healing, restoration, empowerment, strength and so much more. Why? What can we do to make sure that our connection to the Holy Spirit is unbreakable? What role does worship play? For what purposes did God create worship? Where do I fit in? Why don’t I feel Him more? If you can’t answer each of these questions with confidence, or if you want to learn about what the Word of God says about these things, this book is for you!

[BONUS: “The Way of the Worshipper” comes with a *complete* reference concordance for the “7 Hebrew Words for Praise”!]

The Way of the Worshipper: A Devotional Workbook” was written to correspond to “The Way of the Worshipper: Connecting to the Spirit of God through Restoring Purpose, Intimacy and Understanding in Worship” by Alicia Purdy. This devotional workbook is designed to reinforce and expand concepts presented in “The Way of the Worshipper” and will be of tremendous value in your personal devotion time, to get you thinking and evaluating your own thoughts on worship, and to help reinforce your understanding of the Word of God in regards to worship. This continued exploration of Scripture will also deepen your understanding of His desire to connect with you, His beloved, created worshipper. There is a full reference concordance available in the back of “The Way of the Worshipper” for the seven Hebrew words for praise and additionally, you may want to some Bible study tools as you dig more deeply into the Word of God and work through this book. Providing a Scriptural basis for your answers will be of tremendous benefit to your faith journey.

Each of the seven Hebrew words for “praise” are unique and specifically used in their context to guide the worshipper into a specific type of praise that God designed for a specific purpose!

One on side of this handy reference bookmark are the seven Hebrew words for “praise” with their Biblical definitions, and included are Scriptural examples of how they are used in the Word of God. The other side of the bookmark contains easy reminders from “The Way of the Worshipper” to help you commit these words to memory as you study.

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“Getting to Know God” was co-written by Alicia Purdy and her father, Pastor Ernest Fink. This one-month new believer’s devotional is designed to present fundamental and foundational faith concepts to those who have recently made a decision to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord.

For 30 days, you will find a workbook style devotional designed to promote your spiritual growth, self-examination and to help you navigate the “first steps” of faith, with Biblical encouragement to continue forward!

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