“The Way of the Worshipper: Connecting with the Spirit of God through restoring intimacy, purpose, and understanding in worship”

Connecting with the Spirit of God in worship is fundamental to the life of the believer, and yet, so many Christians never experience the power of the Spirit in worship- and as a result, never experience the natural and supernatural outflows of the powerful, dynamic presence of God.

  • What can you do to make sure that your connection to the Holy Spirit is unbreakable?
  • For what purposes did God create worship?
  • Where do you fit in?
  • Why don’t you feel Him more?
  • How is praise a weapon of spiritual warfare?

Included is a full reference concordance for the seven Hebrew words for praise! If you want to go deeper into what the Word of God says about praise and worship, this book is for you!

Reviews from Readers for “The Way of the Worshipper”!

“This book gave me a better a better understanding of what and why praise and worship is so important to God! I recommend this book for all Praise and Worship teams!”

~ Amazon Reviewer

everything I’ve ever thought, questioned, etc. and was never taught or found the answer to– this book answers all that and more! Best of all, it’s all Bible based! You won’t get wishy washy opinions from this book but Bible based facts…”

~ Amazon Reviewer

“Extremely good and God blessed book and a must read for anyone looking for a closer walk with Jesus Christ and God The Father.”

~ Amazon Reviewer

The Way of the Worshipper: A Devotional Workbook”

This devotional workbook is designed to reinforce and expand concepts presented in “The Way of the Worshipper” and will be of tremendous value in your personal devotion time. This book is also an excellent guide and resource for church leadership teams and group Bible studied.

The insightful questions are designed to help you self evaluate your own perspectives on worship, and to help strengthen your understanding of God’s Word about praise and worship.

This book will take you into a journey through:

  • Evaluating your own spiritual history
  • Examining experiences in your faith that shaped you
  • Recognizing old ways of thinking
  • Teaching you new foundations in praise and worship that are Scriptural
  • Encouraging your spirit and soul as you learn and grow as a worshipper

“Extremely good and God blessed book and a must read devotional.”

~ Amazon reviewer ~

The 7 Hebrew Words for Praise Reference Study Bookmark

Each of the 7 Hebrew words for “praise” are unique in use and application throughout God’s Word. Each is used in an specific context to guide and inspire your worship as you offer the Lord your thanksgiving as a sacrifice of praise.

The 7 Hebrew Words for Praise reference bookmark provides you with a quick study guide for each of the seven Hebrew words including an easy way to remember each one as you learn and grow in your faith and knowledge: Halal, Yadah, Towdah, Shaback, Barak, Zamar, and Tehillah.

These useful bookmarks are great for personal study, but don’t forget to grab some for your friends, your worship team, church leaders or small group and your family members who are also seeking a new depth in their knowledge of God’s Word!


Getting to Know God

“Getting to Know God” was co-written by Alicia Purdy and her father, Pastor Ernest Fink. This one-month new believer’s devotional is designed to present fundamental and foundational faith concepts to those who have recently made a decision to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord.

For 30 days, you will find a workbook style devotional designed to promote your spiritual growth, self-examination and to help you navigate the “first steps” of faith, with Biblical encouragement to continue forward!

The Precious Blood of Jesus

The blood of Jesus Christ changed everything, forever! His blood opened our access to God the Father and how the believer interacts with the world around them. His blood works beyond the remission of sin to holiness before God, miracle-working power, victory over the enemy, and so much more!

This profound teaching from Pastor Ernest Fink from City Harvest Family Church will help new and mature Christians discover the power of the blood of Jesus!

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