we wrestle not against flesh and blood
Battle to Breakthrough

What Satan Fears When We Wrestle Not Against Flesh and Blood

Underneath all your struggles in life, rages a spiritual battle. Why? Because you are a spiritual being! One thing that many Christians underestimate the vicious, violent, unrestrained, deadly pursuit of the Adversary who wants to steal, kill and destroy them. (John 10:10) When Paul wrote that, “We wrestle not against flesh and blood,” (Ephesians 6:12) he meant that a spiritual battle would require spiritual weapons and a spiritual strategy- something the enemy doesn’t want you to know.

Satan wants you more focused on the people or the problems that are causing you drama and pain in the natural. He wants you to fight with your spouse or your parents. He wants you miserable at work. Your enemy wants you angry and resentful at other Christians or the church. He wants you bitter about your past. He wants you afraid of your future. He wants you too exhausted to fight back. Will he succeed?

Satan’s Strategy is to Keep You in a Natural Disaster

All wars are bloody, scary, and devastating. Even a victory means death, spilled blood, wounds, fatigue, pain and trauma, and in war, everyone loses something, even the winners. As Christians, you were warned that your true battle wasn’t against flesh and blood- the people and problems that you deal with each day- but that the true resistance in your life, the true enemies and the true victories are spiritual.

Never forget this: Satan has no mercy. He will use every weapon at his disposal to destroy lives regardless of their age, their vulnerability or their innocence because he hates God that much and you are made in His image. Satan cannot literally kill you on the outside, natural realm, but if he can get you to turn away from God, he’ll win the war and kill you in the spiritual realm, from the inside.

How does he do this?

  1. He tempts you to destroy yourself
  2. He will weaponize other people to cause you harm
  3. He uses the power of the fallen world to bring you pain

Satan is a cunning, experienced enemy and he has been watching you since the day you were born, like a hungry lion. (1 Peter 5:8) Because of his ancient connection to worship, he understands its true power to bring you victory and give God the glory. He understands worship better than many Christians do and so, like any cunning enemy, he will first seek to disarm you of your weapons- and then he the real attack will begin.

Your Battle is Spiritual, So is Your Victory

Satan wants to keep you trapped in a ‘natural’ frame of mind so that you never tap into your supernatural authority through Jesus Christ. He understands that Christians will try to fight in the spiritual realm knowing that Paul wrote, “we wrestle not against flesh and blood“. That is why he wants to keep you focused on what’s happening outside of you, instead of inside of you.

Satan is fine with you going through the motions. He’s not bothered by you singing songs at church- as long as you’re not worshipping, because he knows worship is your source of spiritual strength. (Neh. 8:10, Psalm 16:11)

The supernatural power of praise and worship will keep your spirit focused on the Lord instead of on yourself. The living, active Word of God (Heb. 4:12) will keep your heart and mind protected. Prayer will keep your soul safe as you pour yourself out before Him. You need all three to fight from a place of spiritually-balanced, solid ground and win against an enemy who wants to knock you off your feet.

Here is how Satan will attack the weapon of worship God gave you:

1. Satan will try to redefine praise and worship: The modern worship trends have drifted from the firm foundation of God’s Word into writing songs whose lyrics have vague spiritual cliches and spiritual concepts or ideas and experiences with God instead of solid theology and Scriptural words to God. The results is “me-focused” singing at God instead of true worship in “spirit and truth”.

Worship is ministry to the Lord, not ministry to the worshipper- the Bible is clear on this. God is faithful to minister to you, always, (Genesis 22:17) but the primary purpose of praise and worship are to lift Him high through the sacrifice of praise from a low, humble place of gratitude in your heart.

2. He will try to refocus worship: Your enemy wants you to seek ministry to yourself, not to minister to the Lord. Satan wants you to “feel” worship, not worship in faith, outside of your feelings. Satan wants you to sing about the power God has given you, not about the power that God IS.

Satan cannot literally kill you on the outside, natural realm, but if he can get you to turn away from God, he’ll win the war and kill you in the spiritual realm, from the inside.

~Alicia Purdy

At the root such “worship” is really the worship of self– which is exactly what caused Satan to fall! True worship is ministry to the Lord and is a powerful, effective faith-building strategy. As you sing songs rooted clearly in the Word of God, centered around the Person of Jesus Christ, your mind is removed from yourself and is fixed onto Him. That is a winning strategy in all of your battles!

3. He will fight to redirect your attention: He wants you to find a church where the lights on the stage are brighter than the light of God, or a church where the expressions of worship have been oppressed and suppressed by religion and tradition. He wants you angry and tired of all the annoying people at church and at work and in your family so you avoid worship altogether. The list goes on!

These are all subtle acts of war to disconnect you from the presence of God! As you daily and continually deny yourself and testify of God’s goodness and sing about His mighty acts and declare His Words, you strike blow after blow upon your enemy. (Revelation 19:10, Psalm 145:4) How? Worship is an act of faith, denying yourself and lifting high the Lord. If you stay connected to the Spirit of God in true “spirit and truth” worship, Satan will not win.

Thought for today: Don’t Wrestle Anymore – WIN!

Your enemy knows he will win the battle if he can disconnect you or even weaken your connection to God’s Holy Spirit. If he can keep you bitter and angry and overwhelmed instead of grateful, humble and willing, he’ll move in for the kill.

There is no “right” or “wrong” way to worship because worship is reflective of a heart condition and worship is initiated by gratitude, but there is a “right” and “wrong” way to use worship in battle.

Don’t focus on the natural stresses with other people, nor get discouraged by what you see and hear (Isaiah 11:3). Remember, “We wrestle not against flesh and blood” and you know this, so it is time to fight your battle from solid ground! Just like you can use a hunting knife to cut a piece of pie, you can also use it to take down a bear, but for which purpose was it designed? If you’re cutting pie with your hunting knife, you’ll never know its true power.

Songs don’t win wars. WORSHIP WINS WARS. The enemy knows how to use his weapons to disconnect you- do you know use your weapons to stay connected to the Spirit of God? Here is the powerful thing- you don’t need to fight every battle Satan throws your way. You need to worship and you’ll win!

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