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The way of the worshipper is a journey you will walk in Christ for the rest of your life...

The Way of the Worshipper is the journey of every believer whose desire is to connect with the Spirit of God in worship. Worship is a lifestyle. Worship is an act of war. Worship should be continual- but do you know why? Because the attacks of Satan are continual. We must stay connected to the Spirit of God, but not with the sacrifices we decide to bring. A heart of true worship desires to bring God what He asked for in His Word!

TheWayoftheWorshipper.com is a devotional website featuring blog-style devotionals, videos and teachings, worship and more that builds upon the foundation laid out in the book, “The Way of the Worshipper: Connecting with the Spirit of God through restoring intimacy, purpose and understanding in worship“, available on Amazon.

I highly encourage you to subscribe to this blog to receive each post right to you inbox and use them in your personal study time in the Word! Print them, share them on social media and encourage and lead others in the same revelations God gives to you – testify!! These are provided completely free (although if you feel led to financially support The Way of the Worshipper, you can do that as well) so that the Word of God pertaining to worship can go forth without restriction!

Here’s the big dilemma…

A lack of understanding in how to use the weapon of worship is why so many people struggle to obtain victory over pain, over illness, over divorce, over our flesh- we worship without understanding what worship really is.

The Word of God is paramount in all things and it is the primary way the Lord speaks. Worship, however, is where our spirit connects with His on an emotional level. Without an emotional connection in any relationship, what’s the point?

Christians have many battles to fight, and while we have plenty of armor (Check it all out in Ephesians 6) we have only a few weapons: among them are one sword, the Word of God, and only one arrow: worship. So, we must be the most effective we can be with what we have been given, which is more than enough to achieve victory, but only if you know how to use your weapons!

A lack of understanding in how to use the weapon of worship is why so many people struggle to obtain victory over pain, over illness, over divorce, over our flesh- we worship without understanding what worship really is. We operate in faith while disconnected from the living Spirit of God; we dry up and start to question the point of the whole thing. God gave us worship to help us through every aspect of life because our praise invites His presence, and where the Spirit of the Lord is; there is freedom! (2 Corinthians 3:17) There is breakthrough. There are miracles. I don’t know about you, but I pretty much need miracles on a daily basis!

What’s your WHY?

Many people find worship to be a routine while other Christians simply do not connect with the heart of God during worship. That lack of meaningful connection is an underlying problem to what’s happening on a grander scale- mankind’s disconnection from GodThis is due in large part to a misunderstanding about WHY we worship.  What is the purpose? To what end? These are totally valid questions. Many people simply don’t understand WHY, sometimes even those leading worship!

I want to help you to get to the very bottom of your drive in worship, to help you understand what’s holding you back, and to help you eliminate your barriers so you can tap into the live, electric current of the Holy Spirit. Oh, and in case you were wondering, Satan does not want this!! God desperately wants to make a connection with you in your worship, so you can expect the enemy to put up a fight as you draw closer to the Spirit of the Lord, especially in worship.

Some people come into a gathering of believers with very, very real problems- needing real help, healing, respite, a fresh touch, deliverance... Others come into worship to simply enjoy the singing and the music. Finding your WHY is important because you can then understand where you’re starting from. WHY do you go to church for the worship? WHY do you worship at all?

My heart is to help Christians connect with the Spirit of God by teaching you how GOD wants to be worshipped. He took the time to lovingly, deliberately and with great intention and purpose lay that out in His Word. Our job is to simply obey- to follow the path He laid out, because it is for our benefit to tap into His presence and to learn how to walk with Him, so we can live the life He has called us to, and to connect with His Spirit in worship every day, at all times.

THAT is the way of the worshipper…

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