Worship Devotions

Why settle for human knowledge when you can have divine input?

Today is a day for another chance, praise God! Another “faith opportunity” (LOL!), another victory. What will it look like for you and for me today? I don’t know, but God’s Holy Spirit “has given to us all things that pertain to life and godliness through the knowledge of Him who has called us by His own glory and excellence.” (2 Peter 1:3) That’s what I’m standing on today. You can do this! No, not on your own power, but thank God you don’t have to- you have the Holy Spirit of the Living God within you! I once read this quote from Bob Gass, author of “The Word for you Today”, that has always stuck with me: “Grace is like a garment. You have to put it on each morning and choose to wear it all day.”

Who knows what the next moments of your life will bring? Worship means finding the song to sing in every circumstance.

Don’t just start your day with praise. Build your day around it. Here’s what you can do: Stop right now and take a minute and commit your day to the Lord. (Psalm 37:5) Invite the Lord to reign in your day- to convict you and prick your conscience, to strengthen and encourage you, to open your eyes to His goodness, mercy and blessing, to guide your steps and to be honored by the worship you offer to Him. Don’t read any further until you’ve done that….

Now, take one more second – right now – and ask the Lord to give you a song to sing for the day. Be quiet for a moment and let Him send a song into your heart. Do that now…..

Okay, got a song? Whatever that song is that came into your mind in that moment- that is your anthem of worship to the Lord today. If you asked the Lord to inspire you and He sent you a song, He wants you to sing it to Him today, all day, no matter what happens. That is the essence of praise- ministering to the Lord in worship regardless of any other factor. Remember, God always comes by invitation. Prayer invites God to do what you cannot do. You need Him today, and so do I! Who knows what the next moments of your life will bring? Worship means finding the song to sing in every circumstance. But until you’ve sought God’s guidance, you’re at the mercy of your own thoughts, ideas, emotions and “wisdom” – and everyone else’s.

Why settle for human knowledge when you can invite the divine, all-knowing wisdom of your Heavenly Father? No human being can give you anything close to what God can. Don’t seek for wisdom, guidance, understanding or knowledge inside of yourself, and don’t look outside yourself either – Seek Him first and His righteousness, and “all these things” will be added to you. (Matthew 6:33) The Holy Spirit of God has the answers you need, so stop and invite Him into each day and let Him show you His real power at work in you!

Thought for today

Everyone is fighting a battle of some kind. People of faith have the advantage in battle, however: “The Lord of Heaven’s Armies is here among us; the God of Israel is our fortress.” (Psalm 46:7) Psalm 37:5 says, “Commit everything you do to the LordTrust him, and He will help you.” It’s not too religious or pious to stop and commit “everything you do” to the Lord- it is Biblical! Invite the Lord to step into your every day life, your meetings, your conversations, your issues, your family needs, your health, your decisions – commit those things to Him as they arise. Then, worship! Worship is a sign – to yourself and to the Lord and to Satan and to everyone around you – that you trust Him, before you see the needs me, the prayers answered, the issues resolved, the battles won. This is your life, build it around worship! If you need a song for the day,  to cling to, to focus your mind on Him, ask the Lord to give you one- an anthem to Him- and He will…. then, SING IT!

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