Worship Devotions

“Reasonable” worship, Part 2

Paul wrote that a “living sacrifice” is holy and acceptable to the Lord- the living thing is you, laid upon the altar of worship, your flesh being mortally wounded unto death to honor God. Dead things have no opinions. Dead things have no inhibitions. Dead things don’t care what others think. But the dying process is often filled with struggle, kicking and screaming, fear and even pain. That is the nature of sacrifice. Psalm 118:27 tells us to “bind the sacrifice with cords” onto the altar. Why? Because dying things are going to put up a mighty fight and they’ll try to run away! Dying to “self” is the hardest thing you will ever do in your life, and you’ll be dying to yourself moment by moment until you’re with the Lord.

But, just like Jesus sacrificed Himself, giving His life, so you now give yours back in how you worship Him. (Not that anything a human could present would equal what Jesus Christ gave, but it’s all He asked for in return- so make it good!P

Your worship should be defined only by God’s opinion, not the opinion of others.

Paul called this process a “reasonable” service of worship. Sometimes, when you are offering something new to God, and you struggle against feelings of self-consciousness, or even foolishness, it feels very unreasonable! Reasonable people seem to the ones worshipping in a dignified manner, not those waving their arms around or shouting or weeping or keeling on the floor. Yet, Paul says the opposite. Your fresh, living sacrifice of self in worship is what the Lord sees as “reasonable”. Your worship should be defined only by God’s opinion, not the opinion of others.

Thought for today

“But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise…” (1 Corinthians 1:27) If you feel foolish in worship as you sacrifice yourself to Him, you’re in good company! As you worship, you will find that the Holy Spirit will prompt you to do something – a worship act- shout, kneel, raise your hands. Follow His leading! He is speaking to you of what He wants from you and your only response is to obey. Your worship is exclusively for Him and He thinks your sacrifice is holy, acceptable and reasonable. That’s a powerful opinion God has of you!

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