The Seven Hebrew Words for “Praise”

The seven, Hebrew words for "praise" are a powerful, eye-opening study on the types of Biblical worship God has prepared for His people.

Each of the seven Hebrew words for “praise” paints a different picture of a distinctive and unique worship act, in response to different mighty acts of God. Each word conveys a physical action performed by the worshipper, as you operate in an attitude of thanksgiving for what God has done.

Here’s the thing…

Unless you understand the ancient languages used to author the Old Testament, most people read the word “praise” and think of, well, praise! However, the word “praise” is left open-ended, to be interpreted by the worshipper- that is not how God designed His worship to play out. In fact, self-interpretation is one of the reasons why there is such variation in perspectives about worship and why so many people feel worship “isn’t what it used to be” or that it has strayed away “true” worship!

If your heart is to worship God, and to offer to Him what He has asked for- the seven Hebrew words for praise will deepen your understanding. “The Way of the Worshipper” will provide further context, and study and will help you uncover God’s “why” and “when” for each word:

  • Has He helped you in times of trouble? HALAL Him! (Psalm 148)
  • Has He performed a miracle in your life? TEHILLAH! (Psalm 34:1)
  • What does God, Himself, ask for as a sacrifice of thanksgiving? TOWDAH! (Psalm  50:14)
  • Do you need a blessing in your life? BARAK Him! (Genesis 22:17)
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How do these seven Hebrew words translate, in practical terms, in the lives of those who love the Lord and desire to honor Him with their worship, to bless Him, to thank Him… to connect more deeply with Him?

These are just some of the questions that inspired, “The Way of the Worshipper” – and now you can uncover the answers to these questions and many more! In the book, “The Way of the Worshipper”, you will find a greatly expanded, in-depth study of each of these words including a full and comprehensive concordance of uses in the Word of God of the seven Hebrew words for “praise” to aid your study. Amen!

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…but what does it all mean?

  1. HALAL: To jump, dance, to be loud and clamorous (Scriptural reference – Psalm 150:2)
  2. YADAH: To throw your hands up and forward while making a confession about God (Scriptural reference – Isaiah 25:1)
  3. TOWDAH: To lift your hands in thanksgiving (Scriptural reference – Psalm 107:22)
  4. SHABACH: A loud, joyous shout of testimony (Scriptural reference – Psalm 145:4)
  5. ZAMAR: To worship the Lord while playing an instrument (Scriptural reference – Psalm 98:4)
  6. BARAK: To kneel in reverence and submission (Scriptural reference – Psalm 66:20)
  7. TEHILLAH: To sing a spontaneous, unrehearsed song of the Lord, from your spirit (Scriptural reference – Psalm 22:3)

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