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Praise Foundations,  7 Hebrew Words for Praise

How Does Barak Praise Create an Atmosphere for Blessing?

When you are walking in relationship with the Lord, you’ll find that there are many seasons and many reasons to worship and bless Him. Of course the Lord doesn’t “need” praise and worship, but He desires the deeper intimacy that they facilitate between you and Him! In the Word of God, “Barak” praise is one of the seven Hebrew words for “praise” that is translated into English most frequently as “bless”. Repeatedly in the Bible God’s blessing is attached to obedience, and it is no different in praise and worship.

“Barak” praise to God involves the act of kneeling down with your head bowed to express not only thanksgiving, but also submission, reverence and humility. We bring ourselves low to lift Him high.

Your Blessing is in Your “Barak” Praise

Barak praise to God is a visual act of willing submission. One of the most important keys to the spiritual power of praise is found in overcoming the flesh, presenting your body to God as a living sacrifice! If you can submit to God and worship Him in your darkest hours, you’re inviting Him into your situation, to bless you as you bless Him. One of the most profound aspects of Barak praise is found in Genesis 22:17 when the Lord said, “In blessing (“Barak”) I will bless (“Barak”) you.”

It works like this: When we barak God, He will barak us (bless us) in return. Psalm 134:3 says, “…May the Lord who made heaven and earth barak you from Zion.” God should never be “worshipped” to obtain a result nor praised as a method by which to acquire blessings. Those who love the Lord kneel down and praise a faithful God because of who He is, and because He first loved you, giving Him thanksgiving for what He has done, and the blessings flow from Spirit to spirit.

Praise and worship may be the last thing on your mind when you’re just trying to survive- yet they’re the first thing you need to do.

~Alicia Purdy

Psalm 134 says, “Come, bless (“Barak“) the Lord, all you servants of the Lord, who by night stand in the house of the Lord. Lift up your hands in the sanctuary, and bless (“Barak“) the Lord. May the Lord who made heaven and earth bless (“Barak“) you from Zion.”

The Psalmist wrote that the servants of the Lord “stand by night” to bless God, in the house of the Lord, and in the sanctuary. That “stand” is the stand of faith, noted in Ephesians 6:13- “…when you’ve done all you can do- stand.” There are two actions in Psalm 134: stand by night, in faith on the Word of God and kneel before Him in worship. The night seasons in our lives are some of the most difficult times a believer can experience and they’re the times when you want to worship the least, but when praise and worship are the last thing on your mind to worship when you’re just trying to survive, that means they’re the first thing you need to do.

Kneeling down before the Lord in Barak praise has a unique power because it is the outward sign of an inward condition – submission before the Lord. As you praise Him, take some private time to get down and kneel before the King of Kings, the Great King Above All Gods. (Psalm 95:3) His power will breakthrough because of your praise!

Thought for today: The Blessing of Barak Praise Comes When You Bow Down

God is endlessly faithful, which is why we can freely worship and praise Him without fear or an agenda, hoping to “receive” something from Him. Just praise Him. Draw near to Him. Bow down. Lift your hands. Thank Him. Give Him glory. He’ll take care of the rest!! There is a reason why some people seem to experience a greater level of God than others do and it has everything to do with submission. Praising the Lord has many different expressions, but one purpose: Ministry to Him.

Worship isn’t a feel-good time of shivers, tingles and tears. True praise and worship are a willful act of submission and putting down the flesh to lift high the King of Kings. Developing a lifestyle of Barak praise – bringing your flesh low to lift Him high – and a lifestyle of worship will strengthen your faith and renew your spirit and keep you connected to the vital presence of God that flows uniquely through praise.

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