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Hey! I’m Alicia Purdy, and if you’re like me- you love to praise and worship the Lord; and your desire is to draw closer to Him day by day, and understand more about using worship as a spiritual weapon of war! And if you’re really like me, you’re filled with weaknesses, flaws and shortcomings (sigh!) and could use some encouragement and support as you’re walking out your faith journey in strength, freedom and victory! Welcome to The Way of the Worshipper! is a devotional-style Bible study blog filled with resources about worship– like what the Lord desires from His people in praise and worship, using worship as an effective weapon spiritual warfare, worshipping in “spirit and truth”, living the lifestyle of a worshipper, strengthening your foundation of faith in the presence of the Lord, how to identify and address the attacks of the enemy with worship, prayer and the Word of God- and so much more!

How to Use to Support Your Faith Journey

  1. Search by Keyword – You can use the “search” function to type in a subject, concept or teaching that you are interested in exploring and you’ll find lots of devotionals to use in your study! For example, here are some results for devotions about the subject of “Warfare”. Here are some results on the subject of “Joy”.
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    1. “The Worship Lifestyle” features devotions and Bible studies that will support you as you develop a lifestyle of worship over time, and will cover areas of life we all face- triumphs, hardships and challenges, pain, seeking, spiritual battles, growth and more.
    2. “Praise Foundations” covers the fundamentals of the Word of God and addresses common questions we all have with answers from the Word that build a solid foundation of faith upon which you can build and grow.
    3. “Worship Wisdom” blends Scripture with practical knowledge and Biblical advice about addressing the inner man before addressing the outward situations we all encounter. The greatest source of wisdom is the Word to conquer any challenge!
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How Did The Way of the Worshipper Get Started?

I hold an M.A. in Journalism from Regent University and a B.A. in Broadcasting from Geneva College and I have worked as a multi-media journalist for the past 15 years. My husband and I run a small, Christian talk radio station, The Alive Radio Network, in upstate, N.Y. I am also a pastor’s kid (!), a worship leader and songwriter… and VERY REAL PERSON with all the same pitfalls, challenges and trials we all face!

I was inspired by the Holy Spirit to write the book, The Way of the Worshipper (Available on Amazon) as a way to support and encourage my own faith and then faith of the body of Christ because I saw over and over that many others were like me and had questions, needed help, wanted to go deeper into the Word of God and desired to connect to the Lord more intimately. The journalist in me started digging and searching the Word and the Lord has been faithful to bring an eye-opening, life-changing understanding of God’s deliberate design for worship!

After publishing the original book, I decided to go back and write a supplemental “Devotional Workbook” (Also available on Amazon, click here) to expand and fortify the Word in a much more personal way.

It’s my desire that The Way of the Worshipper help facilitate a deeper connection with the Spirit of God through understanding the purposes for which God created worship and what worship means to Him, so that each believer can walk in victory over the enemy in all areas of life. I firmly believe that worship is the most attacked and most misunderstood and most misused weapon of spiritual warfare. The journalist in me loves to dig and as I continued to delve into the Word of God on the subject of worship, was born- to keep digging deeper!

Click here to view the foundational teaching: “The Seven Hebrew Words for Praise”

Here are the some of the most popular devotional Bible studies at The Way of the Worshipper to get you started:

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Friends, together let’s “Run the race that is set before us,” (Hebrews 12:1-2) with knowledge, endurance and strength. Three of the most necessary tools any believer can have!

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Don’t forget to pick up a copy of The Way of the Worshipper on Amazon – and AVAILABLE NOW you can also purchase The Way of the Worshipper: A Devotional Workbook for deeper study, personal examination and spiritual growth!
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