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The Importance of Worshipping God When Life is Hard

On your worst day, when nothing in you feels like worshipping God- that is when worship is the single, most important and spiritually powerful thing you must do. The importance of worshipping God is seen in His Word, but God did not design worship because He needs it. Worship is how your spirit stays connected to the living Spirit of God and you’ll need that supernatural strength the things get hard. The changes you’ll see as you press into praise and worship will be within you, first, before you see them around you. Developing a lifestyle of praise will create a natural response in your spirit to worship the Lord when life is hard, or good or bad or confusing- in all circumstances.

Because praise and worship are God-centered, your mind becomes renewed and removed from the trials and tribulations you’re walking through, and your spirit and mind become more aligned with the Lord’s. It is this foundational principle that underscores the importance of worshipping God in the life of a believer.

The Importance of Worshipping God When Nothing is Good

Just because life has become unbearable doesn’t mean that God isn’t good. God is always good, no matter how bad life has become. When life gets hard, shocking, traumatic, painful, confusing and bad, the importance of worshipping a GOOD God becomes your priority! Through praise and worship, the transformative power of God is invited into your situation as you enter into His gates with thanksgiving in your heart. Does that mean you have to “give thanks” to God for all the ugliness? Of course not! It’s important to worship the Lord to thank Him as an act of faith– before the breakthrough because your praise proves that the promise is true!

Remember this: God is always faithful to His Word, no matter what. He watches over it to see His Word accomplished. (Jer. 1:12) When the worst has happened, worship. Fall down, scream and cry out to God, pour out your heart, tear your robes- He knows what’s in your heart anyway- and worship. Why?

The aftermath of what you’re walking through will unfold over time, so you must continue to minister to the Lord in worship. You’ll need His strength and only He can truly help you through it.

~Alicia Purdy

There is blessing in the obedience and sacrifice of worship. The Lord understands sacrifice and pain better than anyone else and that slaying of your flesh in the sacrifice of praise is a deep and profound honor and blessing to Him. “In blessing, I will bless you,” the Lord said in Genesis 22:17. It’s a promise. That word “blessing” is the Hebrew worship word, barak, which means to knee before the king in submission and reverence. As you submit yourself in worship, with the sole purpose to bless God, He will pour out His bless upon you in return. But you need to go first. That is the essence of faith.

Worshipping God Wins the War of Worry

Even Jesus understood the importance of worshipping God. Jesus and His disciples worshipped together before He departed from the Last Supper. (Matthew 26:30) And then He left to face the most unimaginable abuse, pain and suffering and then death. The aftermath of what you’re walking through will unfold over time, so you must continue to minister to the Lord in worship. You’ll need His strength and only He can truly help you through it. Prioritize it. Move your life around in order to worship in your darkest moments. You will need the Lord’s hand on you more than ever in the darkness and worship is what will keep you connected to His Spirit.

Fix your eyes on Jesus, He will get you through, but how can His presence change things for you if you’re not in His presence?

Thought for today: Your Life Testifies to the Importance of Worshipping God

The Word of God is full of His promises and He honors His Word even above His own name. (Psalm 138:2) “You, Lord, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light.” (Psalm 18:28) When you worship in spirit and truth, using the truth of the Word to inspire and empower your worship, the Lord honors His promises. In His presence is everything you need. Does it hurt? Ache? Are you in a confusing season, or are you crying out for relief from the pain?

This is when worship has the most profound power in the life of a believer. Whatever you’re holding onto, let go and open your hands in praise. Grab on to His presence in your worship and don’t let go!

Build Up Your Faith as You Worship God Through the Storm: “Examples of Faith in Action Will Challenge Your Faith”

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