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3 Ways Praise Keeps Your Flesh Crucified with Christ

One of the hardest aspects about personal transformation is when other people around you refuse to see the new person you have become in Christ. As a believer you’ve been “crucified with Christ”, which means you no longer identify with your flesh, but what if the flesh keeps identifying with YOU?!

Everyone wants to know how to move on from the past and there are plenty of books, seminars, teachings, YouTube videos and more devoted to helping you put down your flesh, but don’t forget about praise!

As you develop a deeper intimacy with the Word of God, you’ll also develop a greater wisdom. As you worship more, the power of God’s presence will manifest more strongly in you and through you. As you pray more, you’ll become strengthened by the Holy Spirit to stand firm in the truth when the flesh tries to revive from the dead and haunt you with its lies.

If you’re going to keep your flesh crucified with Christ, remember that battling the flesh is no longer a battle in the flesh. In Christ, your battle is now spiritual (Ephesians 6:12) and you’ll need spiritual weapons to see the victories Christ paid for with His flesh.

You’re Crucified with Christ Who Died to His Flesh First

Jesus faced the same situation after He left the power of His wilderness experience and returned home to preach, testify and witness. No one cared! When He came with a fresh word of power, they immediate reminded Him of His past and rejected Him because He was “Joseph’s son”,  a nobody, a kid from the neighborhood. So what did Jesus do? He knew how to move on from the past – just walk away!

“No prophet is accepted in his own country,” He said. (Luke 4:24) Jesus realized that some people will always be stuck in the past and will try to drag you back.

Jesus was a Man who worshipped the Lord. He was knowledgeable in the Word of God. He spent time alone in prayer. He had godly friendships. He allowed His flesh to be crucified and set the pattern for how you, too, can be free. You are who the Lord says you are and don’t fall into the trap of looking to others for validation or approval because you’ll never get it.

You Can Crucify Your Flesh Through Praise

Remember, as you’re journeying in your faith, the “old man” will try to rise up and take charge over the spirit within you that desires to honor the Lord. Sometimes the most practical ways to crucify your flesh are evident, like minimizing the time you spend with the people who exist to satisfy those lusts.

If the people from the past tempt you to revive your old flesh, walk away and don’t look behind you.

As a believer, you will need to learn to “deny yourself” as Jesus said, to follow Him.

If the people from the past try to keep you in the past, walk away and don’t look behind you.

~Alicia Purdy

When you want to move ahead in life, when you’re growing in Christ and allowing Him to change you, you’re going to face obstacles that will expose areas where you are not fully crucified with Christ:

1. Praise Invites the Lord into Areas that Need to be Crucified with Christ

Your old memories, decisions and consequences, regrets, habits, temptations and behaviors have a way of rising up when you’re moving forward from your past, don’t they? As you’re trying to learn how to move on from the past, the old responses, the former perspectives, the mindsets of the past may try to rise up for the rest of your life, as you walk through the process of sanctification.

Take heart! You’re not alone! Everyone fights these battles inside. If you think you might be losing the fight, get help! Being discipled by a more mature, trusted Christian is a solid strategy to win the war inside. But on a personal level, the dynamic, powerful presence of the Lord that you’ll connect with in personal times of praise and worship is what will keep you strong. Think of it this way:

  • The Word of God is food for your spirit and mind.
  • Prayer is your rest and shelter.
  • Praise and Worship are like water for your soul

All three of these spiritual components are crucial aspects of how you move on from your past as a believer.

2. Praise Crucified Crucifies the Old Man – and the Old People

The people, the relationships, those who “knew you when” you were the “old man” – there’s almost nothing more discouraging than feeling like God has done a powerful work in you and then a comment from a family member, or a friend cuts you right back down.

It’s hard to shake off the opinions of others, but if you want to know how to move on from the past, you have to remember this: “Don’t accept criticism from people you’d never go to for advice.” As much as Jesus was the Son of God, He was also human.

The fact is, after the people in Jesus’ old town rejected him for being “Joseph’s son”, it probably hurt His feelings. Indeed, He walked alone for a little while.

But then the Lord led men and women of God to Him to support Him, walk with Him, believe in Him and help spread His message. He’ll do the same for you! KEEP WALKING. If the people from the past try to keep you in the past, walk away don’t look back. God holds your future.

3. Praise Invites the Living God into the Crucified Flesh

Make no mistake, your real battle isn’t with people. (Ephesians 6:12) Your battle is spiritual at its roots meaning the question of how to move on from the past is, first, addressed by confronting your accuser. Satan wants you to lose, to fail, to humiliate yourself, to return to your old ways, to get discouraged, to lapse into fear, anger, bitterness, resentment, pain and worse!

He’ll do everything he can to stop you from operating in the role God needs you to fulfill.

Be aware! Stay on your guard! Fight every battle with the weapons God gave you! Seeking the Lord in His presence for how to move on from the past is the only way you’ll find the answers you need to move ahead. You will outlast Satan and you will get the victory, but only if you don’t quit!

The Lord Wants to Set You Free, Keep Reading! “Move Forward From Your Past with the Power of Praise!”

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