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Are You Looking or Seeking?

"Seek the Lord and His strength; seek His presence continuously." ~Psalm 105:4

Are you someone who wants more of God? You might think that question has a simple answer for a Christian, but it does not! Not everyone who says they follow Christ really does follow and submit to Him and not everyone who worships Him or prays or reads their Bible really wants more. (Matthew 6:5) Some people are happy with exactly what they have right now in the Lord, but not me! I’m someone who always wants more. Why? Because if God has more, and He is willing to give it to me and because He only gives “good and perfect gifts” (James 1:17) – who wouldn’t want more of that? But this is important to consider: The reason why some Christians don’t want more of God because it costs more to have it.

What does that mean? In Luke 12:48 Jesus noted that “to whom much is given, much will be required.” This means that the more the Lord gives to you, the greater responsibility you have to share what He has given you with others. Why? Because “Of the increase of his government and of peace there will be no end.” (Isaiah 9:7) The Kingdom of God advances through His people and those who have been asked for more and have been given more, carry a greater burden to use it! This is one of the reasons why many Christians say they are “seeking” God, when really they are just “looking” for Him. The difference is enormous!

Many times we come before the Lord not truly seeking God, but looking for Him to see what He will do, instead of grabbing onto who He is.

When it comes to “more” in Christ, there are two types of people in the Kingdom of God: Those who are looking for more of God and those who are seeking for more of God. We say we want to see more of God. We sing about it. We pray about it. But is it really God we are after? Many times we come before the Lord not truly seeking God, but looking for Him to see what He will do, instead of grabbing onto who He is. If you are truly seeking God, you will find Him and when you do, He will have something to give you that He plans for you to use.

In the Scriptures, to “look” is a passive act of observation, taking in what there is for the eyes to see. (Psalm 33:13) To “seek” is to physically pursue something you do not have, until you have it in your grasp. Psalm 105:4 says, “Seek the Lord and His strength; seek His presence continuously.” Looking is a natural act of the flesh, seeking is a spiritual act and the end result of seeking is finding. If you want more of God, stop looking. SEEK.

Thought for today

Many people say they want more of God, but what they really want is to look and see Him, not seek and find Him. The difference in responsibility is tremendous – if you have the Lord, what next? How does that change you? How does that change the world through you? Many will never use what they’ve seen for God’s glory or to increase His Kingdom because it didn’t truly change them. God knows those who seek Him and He knows who the spectators are. Here are some things you know if you truly want to seek God.

  1. God is easily found if you are seeking to find Him and not just looking to see. (Jeremiah 29:13)
  2. God is also seeking you. (Psalm 14:2, John 4:23) – If you’re having trouble finding God, it’s not that you’re not looking hard enough. It is because you’re not really seeking.
  3. Isaiah 55:6 says “Seek the Lord while He may be found”, but it is more accurately translated to say: “Seek the Lord with the intention that you will find Him.” God is not hiding.
  4. When Jesus said “Seek and you will find” In Matthew 7:7, that word is the ‘progressive tense’ in English, which more accurately means this: “Keep on seeking and you will keep on finding.”
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