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“Who is this King of Glory?” Answering the World’s Greatest Question

Whether or not people like to admit it – even to themselves – at some point in time in their lives, everyone asks the same question: Is God real? While people come to all sorts of conclusions about God based on their encounters in life, the only real way to answer that question is with an encounter with God Himself.

Primarily, God is encountered in His Word, where the entire book from start to finish reveals God’s character, His nature, His unfailing faithfulness and love, His promises, His plan for humanity, and give just a glimpse of His unfathomable holiness.

But what if people just won’t look into the Bible to encounter God? Or what if they look and walk away without feeling they’ve seen anything worth their time and attention?

That’s where you come in.

crown of thorns

“Who is this King of Glory?”

Throughout the book of Psalms, it is clear that one of the primary things that set David apart from anyone else was his heart for worship. Even under the restrictions of the Old Covenant, which prevented anyone except the High Priest from entering into God’s presence, David desired to draw near to the Lord so he figured out a way around the old laws. How?

David drew near to the Lord from within his own heart, a place of true intimacy. This was something was had never been articulated in the law, but reflected God’s heart as well – an intimate, personal relationship with His people. It’s why the Lord noted David was “a man after His own heart.” (1 Samuel 13:14)

“Who is this King of Glory?”

In Psalm 24, David asks this question, “Who is this King of Glory?” Here is the answer he gave:

“Who is this King of glory? The Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle… Who is He—this King of glory? The Lord of Hosts, He is the King of glory.”

David wanted the world to know about the goodness of God. God’s mercy. His faithfulness. His strength and refuge, His protection and more. From the Psalms, it is clear that David knew the kind of questions people were asking because he had asked the same ones himself!

Have you ever asked a similar question about who God is? As a believer, you carry in you multiple testimonies of who God is and what He has done – from your experiences and encounters with Him in His Word and in your life’s journey.

“When they say to me, ‘What is His name?’ what shall I say to them?” (Exodus 3:13)

As you move ahead, you’ll continue to accumulate more testimonies and someday, when someone asks you, “Who is this King of Glory?”, you’ll be able to answer from your own personal experience.

Many times, it is your personal witness that testifies to the person wondering about who God is more than the Bible will because many seeking don’t look into the Bible and many struggle to understand it – and then they encounter YOU!

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“Who is this King of Glory?” God Revealed in Christ

Thousands of years after David lived, when Jesus was teaching in the synagogue, people questioned who Jesus was saying, Where did this Man get this? What is this wisdom that is given Him, that even miracles are done by His hands? Is this not the carpenter?” (Matthew 6:2-3)

When Jesus rode the donkey into Jerusalem, “…the whole crowd of disciples began joyfully to praise God in loud voices for all the miracles they had seen: ‘Blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord!’ Peace in heaven and glory in the highest!'” (Luke 19:37-38) Yet, a week later – they called for His death!

That’s why Jesus wept – because He deeply desired that the people in the “city of David” had understood what David was trying to say thousands of years prior!

When Jesus asked His disciples:

“What about you? Who do you say that I am?” Peter answered, “You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God” and Jesus replied, “Blessed are you, Simon son of Jonah, for this was not revealed to you by flesh and blood, but by my Father in heaven.” (Matthew 16:15-17)

Only a revelation from God will show the world that Jesus Christ is Lord, that He is the answer to all their questions, and the solution to all their problems – and if they encounter you, it’s because God knows you have the answer they are looking for.

“Who is this King of Glory?” Do You Really Know?

When Moses asked, “Who should I say You are?” The Lord revealed: “I AM WHO I AM” (Exodus 3:13-14) In Acts 9, when Saul of Tarsus was on the road to Damascus to go kill and imprison Christians, he encountered the power of God and asked, “Who are you, Lord?”

Paul, like David, knew that there would always be a desire inside of every person to know the God who formed them- even if they didn’t acknowledge Him.

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Much later, when Paul was traveling through the city of Athens in Acts 17, he noted that even among all their many gods, they still had an altar, “To the Unknown God”. Something was missing, and they knew it, they just didn’t know what or who it was.

Through Paul’s revelation of the Gospel of Christ, he finally showed the people who God was. (Acts 17:16-34) Then, from experiences like that, Paul wrote:

“How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? (Romans 10:14)

Maybe you’ll never stand behind a pulpit, or travel the world as a missionary, or do anything “big” in the Kingdom, but that doesn’t mean your impact won’t change the world, In fact, the entire world that surrounds you is your sphere of influence that God has given you and where He needs you right now.

“Who is this King of Glory?” Ask Yourself, First

If you want to know God more, get to know Jesus Christ in God’s Word. In fact, true praise and worship can only come from a grateful heart to a God you know personally.

The testimonies of what Jesus Christ has done for you cannot stay inside of you, otherwise you don’t really know who He is because the heart of Jesus Christ is to save the whole world from the devastation of eternity apart from Him.

Who is God to you? That’s not an answer that comes from the mind, but from the spirit. That answer comes from encountering God in prayer. That answer comes from know God through His Word. That answer comes from dwelling in His presence in your praise.

Learn more about the 7 Hebrew Words for Praise and how each one helps create strength, intimacy, and fresh revelation as you understand more about God’s plan for praise in your life!

You don’t need a theology degree, you just need a testimony – and you have one! The names of God will continue to be revealed along the journey of the rest of your life and once you KNOW Him by that name, tell someone else how you know!

Consider this:

  • If you don’t truly know the Lord, how can you expect anyone else would want to?
  • If you’re not convinced of who He is or what He can do, why would anyone else be?
  • If your life isn’t fully submitted to the Lord, what would inspire anyone else to do the same with theirs?
  • If you have no joy or peace or hope, what would make someone else interested in what you say you believe?

If the world is going to change, it won’t be through miracles, signs and wonders, it’ll be one person at a time, through the testimony of Jesus Christ from people like you. You don’t have to be perfect to be called or used by God. YOU ARE CALLED – you just have to be willing.

The Lord accomplishes His will on earth through you, the living witness of His love, mercy, grace, compassion and salvation to the lost.

If the world is going to change, it won’t be through miracles, signs and wonders, it’ll be one person at a time, through the testimony of Jesus Christ from people like you.

~Alicia Purdy

You have a place of calling where God desires you to make the name of Jesus Christ known to all. Are you ministering there? It’s where you work. Where you shop. Where your kids go to school or music lessons or soccer practice. Where you get your oil changed. At your gym. When you get your dog groomed or your hair cut.

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But first you, yourself, must draw near and stay close to the Lord in your own heart “…that the King of glory may enter”, as David said.

“Who is this King of Glory?Whether or not they realize it, the lost and dying world does want to know the answer to this question – and you have it! Will you hear the questions they aren’t asking? How will you respond?

Thought for Today: Jesus is the Answer to Every Question

Maybe it sounds oversimplified to say that, “The world needs Jesus,” – but it is true. No, problems won’t go away just because you’re saved – you already know that. You have an enemy seeking to “steal, kill, and destroy” (John 10:10) everything in your life, while the Lord is working “to perfect that which concerns you.” (Psalm 138:8)

But if you know who the King of Glory is, if you have submitted your will to His, if you are walking in a vital and intimate relationship with Him, if you praise and worship the Lord and dwell in His presence, if you’ve called and He has answered – you know enough to answer the burning question another person may never ask.

Lift up your heads, O you gates; lift up, you everlasting doors, that the King of glory may enter.” David wrote.Lift up” your eyes to Him, your hands, your heart and your voice so that “the King of Glory may enter” into your own dark spaces with His glorious light.

The world needs the answers you have! “Who is this King of Glory”? THEY MAY NEVER ASK YOU BUT THEY ARE ASKING IN THEIR HEARTSAnd as a living witness, you’ll testify and say, The Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle!”

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