Word of Encouragement,  Worship Devotions

One? or “Two or three”?

Humanity was created for worship. Worship is an integral, crucial part of creating and supporting an intimate relationship with the Lord. Does everyone worship? Yes– even if they worship a tree or a demonic spirit or their own intellect or another person. Because humanity was created to worship. As Christians, worship has many purposes, but the most important one is to create a deeper God-awareness and to connect with His Spirit within yourself through the exaltation of Him. In terms of spiritual balance in worship, there are two sides that need to be given equal weight: personal worship and public worship. Having one without the other is like fighting a battle while missing a leg or an eye or a hand. Can you still fight? Sure. Can you still win? Probably. Will it take longer and be more difficult? Yes.

David had a lifestyle of private worship where he wrote his private songs to the Lord: “When I remember You on my bed. and meditate on You in the night watches, because You have been my help, therefore in the shadow of Your wings I will rejoice….” (Psalm 63:6-7) Why? Because worshipping from your spirit in private moments with the Lord is faith-building while praising Him together with others, in a setting like church or a Bible study, is faith-boosting. Is one better than the other? No. Remember, they are two equal parts under your feet, the ground upon which you stand in faith. And, in Christ, always strive to fight from and stand on level ground in everything you do. Is worshipping the Lord by yourself more “powerful” than “where two are three are gathered, there I am with them”? (Matthew 18:10) That depends on you. 

…worshipping from your spirit in private moments with the Lord is faith-building while praising Him together with others is faith-boosting.

When you worship the Lord privately, your spirit is more free and you’ll express yourself differently, just like when you sing in the car or the shower when you’re alone. There is a freedom in how you approach the Lord when you’re alone and you need that. Your spirit needs to express thankfulness. Your mind and heart need to hear you declare the goodness of God. You need to sing off-key and sing words that don’t rhyme and sing about things that matter very personally to you. Why? Your gratitude becomes very, very personal in those moments- and it should. All worship should reflect a grateful heart, but it’s more like… someone gave you a beautiful, thoughtful, hand-picked gift that was expensive and precious and instead of saying ‘thank you’ in person, or even writing a note or calling them, you gave them a generic shout out on Facebook. Your Savior and Friend deserves better than that!

“Oh, magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His name together….” David wrote. (Psalm 34:3) When you worship among your brothers and sisters in Christ, the dynamic changes. Even the world will tell you that there is power in numbers! Is it more powerful? Think about it this way: God is never more or less powerful- He is ALL POWERFUL, ALL THE TIME and that never changes. (Malachi 3:6) However, at different times and in different places and in different crowds, He operates differently. There is a unique anointing within the body of Christ, singing together to the Lord that is simply different and very reflective of worship in heaven. When everyone’s faith in Him comes together, everyone’s testimonies of His goodness, everyone’s grateful hearts and they cry out to Him in worship THERE. IS. POWER. That power is not less than you have in your private times of worship – it’s different – and that’s why you need both.

Thought for today

Creating a lifestyle of worship doesn’t just “happen”. You have to make time, just like you would do for any relationship you say is important to you. Maybe you feel uncomfortable worshipping alone. Or maybe you aren’t comfortable worshipping the Lord with others. God is already aware of this- and so is Satan. Remember, it is absolutely a strategy of Satan’s to keep your faith imbalanced and weakened, bound by your own fears, traditions, inhibitions, issues, emotions and everything else. You will have to force your way past them, with a sheer act of the will, and press into God in these weak areas. It will get easier and you will get stronger. So, whether you are “one” or “two or three” – God is there! Different dynamics, but the same power!!

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