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“Why Should I Worship God?”

"But we all, seeing the glory of the Lord with unveiled faces, as in a mirror, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory by the Spirit of the Lord." ~2 Corinthians 3:18

Do you ever think about why you worship the Lord? Sure, as a Christian it’s what you do. It’s a traditional part of the Sunday service. It’s written about in the Bible. When we worship, we learn theology and pass down oral traditions, stories, concepts about God. Setting Scriptures to music is a great way to remember them. It’s unifying, empowering, and encouraging to sing together to the Lord, right?

“….The worst misconception about worship is that it is for the benefit of the believer….”

Those are all good reasons to worship, but those reasons exist outside of you. The real reasons for worship must exist within you. Today I’m sharing an article I recently wrote that was just published on called, Why Should I Worship God”? And I know it’s a ‘word in season’ for you as it was for me! You may think worshipping the Lord is the easy part, but if you don’t have a very personal “why” for your worship, you’re missing out on a deeper place the Lord wants to walk with you!

Why should you worship God? Scripturally speaking, there are many reasons why you “should,” but the more important question to answer first is this: Do you even want to?

[Note: Below is the introduction to the article, per a publishing agreement with Crosswalk. To read the entire article, make sure to click on the link below!!]

“Why Should I Worship God?”

By Alicia Purdy, Contributing Writer

“…Many people don’t have a “why” for worship that exists within their spirit, but instead do it for reasons that exist outside of them. It’s just a habit, routine, or something they’ve been taught to do and they listen to Christian radio or sing songs about God on Sunday while missing the whole point….”

“….The worst misconception about worship is that it is for the benefit of the believer. When your presumption is that worship is “God’s gift” to you or that you should come ready to “receive” from Him or “experience” Him, you’re going to walk away disappointed or, worse, deceived about what really happened. The primary purpose of worship is to minister to the Lord, not for Him to minister to you. Will He minister to you? Of course! But that’s not the why we worship God. Don’t confuse the purpose of praise and worship with the “perks” of praise and worship. God has many, many blessings built into the obedient sacrifices of worship, but we don’t come into worship seeking His hand. We worship to seek His face….”

  • Two important worship “conditions” are created when you praise Him – one in your dwelling place and one in His…. what’s the difference??
  • How is worship a faith-building strategy?
  • When does worship become a WEAPON?

Why should you worship God? Your worship enables, empowers, and invites the Lord to come close and bring His mighty presence in a whole different way than you’ll experience it otherwise. If you truly understood the power and purpose of worship a better question would be: Why wouldn’t you…?

Click here to read the FULL article, “Why Should I Worship God?”

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