Praise Foundations

Finding the Presence of God Through Praise

One of the most powerful Scriptures in the Bible pertaining to the presence of God in praise and worship is found in Psalm 22:3, “…You dwell within the praises of Your people.”

Another Scripture that is equally profound in its meaning is found in Psalm 100:4, Enter into His gates with thanksgiving, and into His courts with praise; be thankful to Him, and bless His name.”

These two verses reveal two separate powers found in praise: The Lord dwelling in the praises of His people, and the people of God entering into His dwelling place to praise Him. They are two separate “locations” and each has a distinctive spiritual power that is unique and and necessary in the life of any believer in Jesus Christ!

We enter into the courts of the Lord with thanksgiving and blessing – which are physical expressions of praise. He enters into our praise through spontaneous praise, called tehillah, which are spiritual expressions of praise.

It is absolutely crucial in the life of faith to incorporate both types of praise into your life! Hopefully the worship at your Sunday church gathering allows for you to enter in and creates an atmosphere where your spirit can create a place for the Lord to enter into, but if not- make that place on your own!

A lifestyle of worship is expressed in the habits of worship you walk out when no one is looking, that ‘secret place’ between you and your Savior.

Many people are used to “entering into His courts”, but are less comfortable creating a dwelling place within their own “courts” where He can come to you and dwell. However, that’s where the real power is!

Many people are used to “entering into His courts”, but are less comfortable creating a dwelling place within their own “courts” where He can come to you and dwell.

Corporate worship and individual worship are two separate praise actions, although both are important. Worshipping the Lord on Sunday simply isn’t enough for the believer who wants to grow in faith and knowledge of the Lord.

Praise is spiritual weapon of warfare on the most intimate, personal level and the enemy knows that! Satan wants you bound by the chains of inhibition, emotion, experience, mindset and tradition so that you’ll always stay where you’ve always been.

The worse thing you can do against the kingdom of darkness is worship! Prayer, Scriptural knowledge and growth (your sword) and worship are the trifecta of victory over the enemy because they all strengthen your faith in different ways.

However, you’ve probably noticed that worship is the hardest and when you to praise the Lord, the enemy rises up and attacks! That means you’re on the right track! Keep going!

Thought for Today: Inviting God’s Presence into Your Life

Inviting the Lord into your “courts” isn’t just a matter of extending the invitation. It’s making a place for Him where He will be comfortable dwelling- a place of light, (1 John 1:5-7) holiness (1 Peter 2:9) and praise that you write within your spirit.

That is the “secret” place, a place where your spirit and His Spirit commune together. Set an alarm, schedule time, do what you have to do to make time sing a “new song” (“tehillah”) to the Lord and invite Him into your “courts”.

He will not only dwell there, but He will bring the arsenal of heaven with Him and you’ll experience all the benefits that come with the glorious presence of God – in you, through you and then around you!