Worship Devotions


One of the biggest excuses people use to build walls around themselves is the justification of how they’re feeling. This is especially true in worship because the nature of worship, the reason why God created it for you was to draw you away from yourself. The truest essence of the praise and worship of God is that it is exclusively God-centered. When you minister to the Lord, you are focused on Him and nothing else matters. The problem? Lots of other things matter! Right?? This is our life! We get completely caught up in our own experiences and our feelings toward those experiences and our praise suffers for it – and God isn’t worshippped in the way He has asked for and deserves to be.

You’re exhausted. You’re angry. You’re depressed. You’re frustrated. You’re worried or anxious. You’re hurt. You’re accused. You’re ashamed. You’re traumatized. You’re betrayed. You’re gossiped about. You’re grieving. You’re cheated on. You’re dying. You’re addicted. You’re bitter. You’re humiliated. You’re rejected. You’re spread too thin. You’re abused. You’re in despair. You’re waiting for an answer. You’re in a battle. You’re trapped. You’ve lost everything. LET. IT. GO. It happened. LET. IT. GO. I’m not minimizing what you’re going through, however, I am saying that it isn’t God’s fault and it has nothing to do with His goodness and if you truly want to move forward in victory, you’ll need every weapon He has given you to fight your battles. The Word will light the path ahead in the darkness. (Psalm 119:105) Prayer will strike the winning blow, positioning you to see and to be the “on earth” as it is in heaven. (Psalm 40) Praise will keep you in a state of spiritual readiness to see the miracle with your own eyes – starting with the miracle that will take place inside of you. (Acts 25:15-16)

To “let it go” doesn’t meant to deny it ever existed. You may never forget what you’ve gone through, but when you push past your emotions to minister to the Lord you’ll grow to look at all you’ve walked through with a different set of eyes.

BUT. You’ll never be able to lift your hands freely and unencumbered to the Lord in worship as He wants you to do (Psalm 134:2), if your arms are weighed down with burdens He told you to give to Him. (1 Peter 5:7) LET. IT. GO. You’ll never be able to experience true freedom in your worship or victory in your life’s situations if you refuse to unclench your fists and release what you’ve been holding onto. LET. IT. GO. You’ll always wonder why other people seem to have everything you’ve been waiting for. LET. IT. GO. The weight will always be too heavy on you because you were never meant to carry it. LET. IT. GO. You’ll eventually grow weary and give up. LET. IT. GO. The storm will overwhelm you and you’ll sink under the burdens Jesus paid for at the cross. LET. IT. GO. God will only take what you will willingly give. LET. IT. GO.

Thought for today

As Christians, we “walk by faith” and not by how we feel – you know that. The problem with that? Your emotions are one of the strongest things you’ll ever experience during your time on earth. You are made in the image of God so you what you have inside of you is a reflection of Him, and just a small glimpse of that complexity is seen in the Bible: wrath, jealousy, anger, sadness, joy, peace, love, passion, compassion, empathy, desire, pain… We all experience this and more. God already knowsLET. IT. GO. It sounds oversimplified, but that’s because the simplicity of worship is based on the genius of God. Worship has nothing to do with your emotions. Isn’t God good?! He knew you’d experience these things and that they would come and go in seasons, and in moments of time, so He disconnected worship from the feelings in your soul and instead forged a connection from your spirit to His Spirit. To “let it go” doesn’t meant to deny it every existed. You may never forget what you’ve gone through, but when you push past your emotions to minister to the Lord you’ll grow to look at all you’ve walked through with a different set of eyes. LET. IT. GO. Lift up those hands, friend, and minister to Him. He is faithful. (Psalm 50:23)

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