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The Weapons of Spiritual Warfare Will Keep You Alive

"Therefore lift up your tired hands, and strengthen your weak knees. Make straight paths for your feet, lest that which is lame go out of joint, but rather be healed." ~Hebrews 12:13

Today’s LIVE devotion is a great one to keep you focused in your faith! There is something powerful that happens when we start to realize that the weapons of spiritual warfare we carry within ourselves are enough to win in every battle we face! Sure, maybe you need to sharpen your Sword, or maybe you need to address sin issues, or maybe your prayer life could be stronger, but that doesn’t mean you can’t WIN over the enemy!

Spiritual Warfare Requires Spiritual Weapons

The Lord is faithful to do whatever it takes to keep us sharp and clear and safe from the enemy, but you have an important role as well- to stay in the light as He is in the light! (1 John 4:7) God isn’t going to just take over. Instead, as we submit to His process of sanctification and invite Him to to do whatever it takes to raise us up, we start to wonder why everything is so hard all of a sudden!

Check out today’s word to encourage you in the fight. Maybe you’re weakened or hurting or exhausted, but DID YOU DIE?!, “But did you DIE?!” – The enemy will try to convince you that he can destroy you, but he doesn’t have the permission to do that! There are some powerful secrets you should know when you’re facing a spiritual battle that the enemy doesn’t want you to know and today I’m going to share them with you!!! When things get tough, keep in mind that you may be experiencing the beautiful, fierce love of the Lord to get you up out of the dirt where you fell and keep you safe, alive and thriving!

If You’re Still Alive, Find the Strength that Remains in You:

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