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LIVE! “You Lack One Thing” | Devotions w/Alicia

"But let patience have her perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing." James 1:4

Praise God for a brand new day! Perfect? No! But GOOD because God is GOOD?! Absolutely! I have a great, thought-provoking word for you today from Luke 18, taken from Jesus’ encounter with the rich, young ruler. Earlier this week I wrote a short blog on this, but I wanted expand and unpack the fullness of the ideas I shared previously. It’s such a seemingly random encounter in Scripture, but Jesus makes a very challenging and even difficult statement to the young man that is the same for all of us: “You lack one thing.” 

No one likes to hear that, after all we do for the Lord, He sees us as still lacking. Even the disciples said, “Then what can anyone to do be saved?!” What a powerful question they asked – because they knew that they all “lacked one thing” within themselves.

GOD IS FAITHFUL. He will reveal to you the areas where you “lack one thing” and as He walks with you through that season of spiritual growth, you’ll find yourself growing stronger and more mature and seasoned in your faith, no longer lacking in that area – and then the Lord will continue this process all throughout your life. He is such a GOOD GOD!! Listen to today’s message and let yourself be filled with hope in Christ – the Lord has something to reveal to you today for His wise, Kingdom purposes – what will it be?!

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