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The Strongest Iron is Forged in the Fire

"See, I have refined you, though not as silver; I have tested you in the furnace of affliction." Isaiah 48:10

Today’s video devotional teaching is a continuation of the series focused on how iron is forged in the fire. The Word of God shows a number of different ways in which the Lord uses fire to help being beauty out of His people. We who love the Lord and follow after Him have a deep desire to be more like Jesus and we cry out for God to use us, and He hears and answers those prayers. But then…!? We question why we walk through seasons of fire and ask God, “What is going on?!”

There are many different types of fire and reasons that fire is used in our lives. Sometimes we set our own fires (James 3:5-6); sometimes the fire is set by other people or the enemy; and sometimes God wants to purify as silver OR forge us like IRON. Iron is a much stronger metal than silver and gold – and it must undergo a much different process to become a tool fit for the Master’s use.

In today’s devotional teaching, I’ll share some of the powerful ways in which the Master uses fire to strengthen you and reshape you. Remember, not all fire is bad! We are all born into a world where sin tries to shape who we are, but when God looks down, He sees you, gets hold of you, and then you’ll spend the rest of your life letting Him undo the shape the world has given you. With your permission, He will forge you into a tool for His wise purposes. He wants to show you the beautiful thing He has in mind for you to become. As a Master craftsman- trust the Lord, as He forges you – a strong, useful work of art -in fire, you can be sure that He never makes a mistake!!

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