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Praise Proves the Infinite Wisdom of God

"...I was the architect at His side. I was His constant delight, rejoicing always in His presence." ~Proverbs 8:30 (NLT)

God is GOOD, all the time! Thanks for joining me today for a new study of God’s Word. Today’s devotion is about the wisdom of worship. The infinite wisdom of God is personified in the book of Proverbs and presented as the constant companion of the Lord Most High, even from before the creation of the world! You will find in the Word of God that wisdom is one of the most important things you can possess and God gives wisdom to those who ask – and we should all ask!

However, “with your getting of wisdom, get understanding – and there is a BIG difference between those who have wisdom and those who have wisdom and understanding. Plenty of people in the world have wisdom, but they don’t have any understanding of the source of that wisdom, the purpose of that wisdom or how to use that wisdom to the glory of God.

In this video devotional, I will discuss the role of wisdom in the life of the believer, but more importantly, I will show you what the Word of God says about the role of wisdom at the right hand of the Lord! The Holy Spirit doesn’t “bring” wisdom, the Holy Spirit IS wisdom – and He wants to freely give you all that He has. dig more deeply into the Word of God to find what He has been holding onto for you!

Explore More of the Word of God About Wisdom and Worship

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