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“David Praised God as the World Watched” | LIVE Devotions with Alicia Purdy

"On that day then, David delivered for the first time this psalm of thanksgiving to the Lord into the hand of Asaph and his brothers..." ~1 Chronicles 16:7

Today’s devotion will give you FIVE THINGS David did as a man of worship that made ALL the difference in his life, his kingdom and his family, his friendships and everything else! What does God have for you? Develop a lifestyle of worship as David did and your connection to God will affect everything else! Today’s Word is an expanded teaching of this devotional, “When David Danced Before the Lord, the World Danced too!” David did so many powerful things for the Lord in his lifetime and he was used by God to change the world, but that was because he had a lifestyle of worship. This was not initiated when he took the throne – No! David praised God no matter who was watching! He was already a worshipper He spent his life lifting the Lord up in worship from the fields as a shepherd and the Lord was faithful to elevate David above all other men…. to the throne!

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