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Journal Entry, 2014 “Worship While You Wait”

Today I am going to share with you some pieces of a journey I walked several years ago. I was at a crossroads and I couldn’t see my way forward. I prayed and prayed and sought the Lord for a word- and He sent one! A new revelation of WORSHIP and the role it would play in my crisis. Below are excerpts from the journal entry I wrote on the day the Lord sent His word to me- through the wisdom of my husband- and it was a catalyst for change in my life, as the quickened Word from the Holy Spirit does for us.

I am sharing this today in case you are going through a similar journey, in case you need God to lead you because you’re struggling to see the path ahead, or when you’ve come to the end of one path and aren’t sure where to go next. He is faithful! There is a path for you to walk upon that will bring you to the place He is calling you to be. WORSHIP WHILE YOU WAIT. God will lead you to the Rock and there your feet will stand firm.


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