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Your loyalty sets you apart for blessing, but it will cost you too

The Levites, the tribe who ran to stand on the side of the Lord after the rest of Israel fell into idolatry and worshipped the golden calf, paid a very high price for their unwavering loyalty to the Lord. Remember this: If it doesn’t hurt, if it doesn’t cost you something, and if something doesn’t die, it is not a sacrifice. The Levites were loyal to the Lord, at all costsand God didn’t forget that. But before they were elevated to a position of tremendous honor and blessing, they had to pay the cost of choosing the Lord. There is a cost to choosing to live a life set apart to the Lord. The cost is: Whatever the Lord requires of you. However, He always calls for obedience with an agenda in mind: to bless you.

What did it cost the Levites to worship on the Lord, and refuse to give their worship to anything or anyone else,? Read this excerpt from The Way of the Worshipper:

…we still, much in the same manner, pay a high cost for choosing the side of the Lord. Of course, when you think about the beauty of eternity and His glory, any “price” we pay is nothing in comparison.

“…God’s command was swift and painful when He said, “Every [Levite] must put on his sword and go through the camp from one end to the other. Each man must kill his brother, his friend, and his neighbor.” (Exodus 32:27) Now, before you say: “WHAT. THE. HECK?!” know that this was The Law, the curse of the Law. The penalty for disobedience was death! Yet even in the face of this unimaginable agony, the Levites did just as they were commanded and slaughtered 3,000 people in one day…They had to kill their friends and neighbors, people who they knew and maybe even liked and had been in relationship with for most of their lives. The agony of unquestioning obedience. The heart wrenching pain of choosing the side of the Lord above all else. It’s not without its costs. Of course, it’s not that extreme today, thanks to Jesus Christ, but we still, much in the same manner, pay a high cost for choosing the side of the Lord. Of course, when you think about the beauty of eternity and His glory, any “price” we pay is nothing in comparison (2 Corinthians 4:17).”

[Read the entire chapter, “Living Like a Levite” in The Way of the Worshipper]

Because of the loyalty of the tribe of Levi, the Lord brought them into an eternal blessing. They were protective of the Lord’s worship. They were unwilling to give their worship and adoration to anyone else- and they were willing to eliminate any strongholds or areas of wickedness, disobedience, unrighteousness and sin- even if that meant putting to death the very things they loved.

Thought for today

Are you willing to “put to death” all that you hold dear, to worship the Lord only, in heart, mind, soul and spirit? If you said “yes”- then get ready, because the next step is the sacrifice of obedience the Lord will ask of you. This is available to every believer, yet because of the costs, many do not choose His side, and then they wonder where their blessing is! Choosing to walk away from darkness like sin, addictions, habits, strongholds, unrighteous relationships, expectations, pain and unforgiveness, and sacrificing your own body in worship are all necessary to be set apart for Him. (By the way, the Israelites had the opportunity to repent, but did not take it. God is fair and just and long-suffering toward His people, but repentance is our choice to make– or not.) If you want more- give more. You cannot out-give God!

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