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The Spoken Word: Are you afraid of the dark?

"The earth was formless and void, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was moving over the surface of the water." ~Genesis 1:2

You don’t have to be literally afraid of the dark to fear darkness. Most people fear darkness if the conditions are right, because the senses that you rely the most don’t function at normal capacity, especially sight and it’s scary. The darkness of the world isn’t any different. When your life has fallen into a season of darkness, it feels like the spiritual senses you usually rely on as a source of strength, wisdom and guidance just don’t work as well. The Lord has made a way! He is the Light! In fact, at the creation of the universe, Genesis 1:2 says that when everything was formless, empty and dark, the Spirit of God was there and He was moving! He was creating! He was speaking light and life into the darkness and emptiness!

When everything has grown dark, relying on your senses will mislead you into worry and fear. God is Light, and you need Him. His strength, His wisdom and His guidance. He can see the way. Don’t try and squint into the darkness. Fix your eyes on Him. He is moving, creating and speaking light and life. You can trust Him to see when you can’t. <3

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