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Do you have the key to God’s gated community?

Maybe you haven’t thought of this before, but God’s presence, the place where He chooses to dwell, is not accessible to just anyone. No, not even every Christian. Ok, wait. God’s presence is always with you, that is just one aspect of the miracle Jesus Christ did when He gave His life as your ransom. (Matthew 28:20) But His omnipresence as Father, Son and Holy Spirit is not the same thing as the presence of God where the Lord, Himself, chooses to dwell, where He calls “home.” Where is that place? That place is within your praise (Psalm 22:3). He makes His “habitation” in the midst of your tehillah praise, the Bible says…. And yes, there are gates.

…if one day is better than a thousand… what wonders does God have in store for those who worship every day?!

Why do you think God would have “gates” around the place where He dwells? Can’t anyone have access to God’s presence? Well, yes! However, not everyone has access to His house. Only certain people get to enter into His dwelling place. Who are those lucky people?! Worshippers. So, yes, anyone who worships the Lord obediently, ministering to Him with a sacrifice of praise, holds the key that opens the gates to His dwelling place. But even though all believers have access to that key, not every believer understands how to use it, and not every believer chooses to use it (!). That. Is. Tragic. Imagine how the Lord must feel. His desire is to be close to His people. He has extended an open invitation to His dwelling place and He has given everyone the key. And yet…not everyone wants to come in.

The Psalmist wrote, “Open to me the gates of righteousness. I will go into them, and I will praise the Lord. This [praise] is the gate of the Lord…” and the sons of Korah wrote, “…For a day in Your courts is better than a thousand elsewhere.” (Psalm 84:10) They got it. Just one day in His dwelling place, in His presence via worship, was better than a thousand other days. Can you imagine what a lifestyle of worship must be like? A life of setting aside time to be alone with the Lord, to minister to Him? What would your life be like then? How much better would everything be if you chose to open those gates with your worship and walk freely into His habitation daily?!

Thought for today

God wants to be with you, and He wants you to want to be with Him. So, if that’s you- what are you going to do about it? Remember, worship is not about you and what you feel and experience and what you need. Worship is about the Lord- how He feels and what He experiences and what He has asked for. Worship is the natural outflow of a heart gratefully in love with the Lord. God is faithful to those who are faithful to Him. (Deuteronomy 7:9) The key that opens the gates to His dwelling place is worship. The point of origin for worship is gratitude. If you are one of those who have chosen to enter into His courts with praise, do it daily! Make it your lifestyle, your habit, the one thing you can’t do without each day because if one day is better than a thousand… what wonders does God have in store for those who worship every day?!

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