April Images of Faith Worship Devotions

WORDS OF FAITH: Beautifully broken

"...And then a leper came and worshipped Him, saying, “Lord, if You are willing, You can make me clean. Jesus reached out His hand and touched him, saying, “I will. Be clean." ~Matthew 4:2-3

What you see and what God sees when He looks are you are two completely different things. You have absolutely no concept of what God sees because His thoughts are higher than yours. You can try to assume or presume based on what you feel inside, but you are wrong. (Isaiah 55:8-9) Your responsibility is to worship Him. Stop trying to fix things, or get cleaned up, or wait for the right time, or even repent for something stupid you did. Stop. Worship the Lord. It’s the only thing He’s asked for in return for what He has done for you.

Yes, you should repent, and yes you should do better and yes, you should walk worthy of what He has called you to, but there isn’t anywhere in the Bible that says there is any reason for which you should not worship. You see ugly and don’t feel worthy to worship. God sees the beauty of an outstretched hand. True worship is ministry to the Lord. Get there and don’t leave. Jesus reached out and touched the leper who broke from the crowd, ran to His feet and worshipped- with all that hideous, untouchable disease. Jesus touched Him. Why? Because that man didn’t care. His worship brought Him close to the Lord and there Jesus was able to change everything. JUST. WORSHIP.

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