Worship Devotions

Worship the Living because the dead can’t help you

Why does it seem like it is so easy for people to worship or serve dead things and dead people, but they struggle to put their faith One who is alive? A statue, a tree, the universe, ancestors, the moon…people will chart and seek the stars or even shuffle through a deck of cards or a pile of bones seeking wisdom and answers, turning to the created thing instead of the Creator.

“Everyone who trusts in them” are like them, the Psalmist wrote. In fact, the first four verses in Psalm 135 cry out for God’s people to “Praise the Lord” – the Hebrew words for praise there are very specific: **Halal and Zamar – “Hallelujah” and “with instruments” – for His mercy, His truth, because He is good, because He has chosen us, He is above all gods. Psalm 135:6-14 recounts just a few of the mighty acts of God and then comes the sad reality of Psalm 135:15-18. Not everyone loves the Lord, or acknowledges Him as God, or worships Him in His holiness. In fact, here’s the truth about worshipping created things:

They have mouths, but do not speak; they have eyes, but do not see; they have ears, but do not hear; neither is there any breath in their mouths. Those who make them are like them; so is everyone who trusts in them.

When it comes to worship, “Everyone who trust in them” are like them, the Bible says. Your life will reflect what you worship in your heart.

Idols and “things” are worshipped, but they are the created, while God is the Creator! When you are desperate, a tree can’t help you. In fact, the trees worship Him too (Isaiah 55:12). When you don’t know what to do, or what choice to make, don’t look to the stars or the star charts. The stars sing to Him. When your loved one is sick, or your finances are dwindling, or your health is suffering, or your children’s lives are falling apart, or your facing a divorce or whatever else- worship God! There is no power in heaven, on earth or throughout all the universe that can match what He can do.

Thought for today

Psalm 135:20 says this: “…you who fear the Lord, bless the Lord.” The Hebrew word there for ‘bless‘ is Barak which means to humble yourself in submission and kneel down before the King in worship. In Genesis 22:17 the Lord says, “In blessing I will bless you…” – that’s a promise! You don’t need to seek the blessing of God. You need to to worship Him!  Your worship belongs to God alone, the only living God (Jeremiah 10:10), but the rest of the world is floundering, resenting God and worshipping created beings as if they have any power, and then wondering why everything goes wrong. When it comes to worship, “Everyone who trust in them” are like them, the Bible says. Your life will reflect what you worship in your heart.

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