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LIVE! “Flesh and Blood Did not Give This to You”

"...Blessed are you, Simon son of Jonah, for this was not revealed to you by flesh and blood..." ~Matthew 16:17

Thanks for joining me for this morning’s LIVE devotion! As followers of Christ, we are always seeking God for more of Him, for a deeper revelation, but why? Just to get to know Him better? Well, yes, that is a major reason, but it is not the only reason! In fact, certain revelations of God come at specific points in our lives when we need a breakthrough, but also when God wants to take us to a deeper level of intimacy and knowledge and experience – all for the growth and transformation of His Kingdom at large. YOU have a crucial role to play and “flesh and blood” can’t bring you to a place of readiness. In fact, Jesus’ disciples had been with Him a long time and they had seen many wonderful miracles, but even so, they were missing something. There was another, deeper place Jesus wanted to take them, but first, the Father had to give them something that “flesh and blood” could not bring.

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