Giving March thanksgiving Worship Devotions

Thanksgiving to God will take you further than you could ever go alone

"For the administration of this service not only supplies the need of the saints, but is abundant also through many thanksgivings to God." ~ 2 Corinthians 9:12

How you give thanks to God is just as important as why you do. The Lord is not unclear about anything in His Word, and He is very, specifically clear about worship. Thanksgiving is the point of origin for all worship and without thanksgiving, there can be no worship. You literally can’t minister unto the Lord (which is the exclusive definition of “worship”) if you’re not thankful. (Oh and by the way, we don’t get to define what worship is. Only God gets to do that! 🙂 )

Some people like to think they are offering up “acts” of worship, like being kind or praying for someone or giving to the poor, but that isn’t true by definition, if the Bible is the standard they adhere to. Worship is what God says it is. However, through worship, from the heart of thanksgiving, so much happens! It’s not just for the individual worshipper that God has planned blessing, but for the world, through the individual worshipper. Paul wrote that even the sowing of a financial seed doesn’t just supply for your own needs, but is made abundant “through many thanksgivings to God“! Did you catch that? Worship expands even the financial seeds you sow!

God, Himself, in His Word promised that if you worship and offer thanksgiving to Him, that even what you sow financially will be made abundant.

So many people are afraid to sow financially or even tithe because they worry that they won’t have enough for themselves. However, that’s just a lack of faith talking, and a spirit of fear, which God did not give you (2 Timothy 1:7), but which Satan did give to you. God, Himself, in His Word promised that if you worship and offer thanksgiving to Him, that even what you sow financially will be made abundant. So, the question is: Do you trust Him or not? If that answer is “no” – at least you’re honest! And now you can seek to grow in an area of spiritual need in your life. If that answer is “yes” – then it’s time to “put your money where your mouth is” and then put your mouth to work – in worshipping the God who is faithful to those who show themselves faithful! (Psalm 18:25) This is a Kingdom principle so grab hold, and worship the Lord in spirit and in truth- and don’t let go!

Thought for today

People get really weird when you start to talk about their money, especially when its done in the context of church or “religion” but the fact is this: Giving financially is a Biblical command of God. Because He needs the money? No way. Because you “cannot serve God and money” as Jesus said in Matthew 6:24 and God knows that the heart, mind and emotions are deeply tied to money and He wants to break that chain. Giving financially is just another vehicle of blessing when you are obedient (and cheerful! 2 Corinthians 9:7)- blessing to you, yes, but also to the world. No, tithing and giving are not an “act of worship”. They are an act of obedience. But when you partner sow your money, and then worship God in thanksgiving, that blessing and supply extends beyond you and into the world! Hallelujah for another testimony of Jesus!

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