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Why Do We Give Thanks to God if He Doesn’t Need it?

Everyone has their own, personal reasons why they give thanks to God. After all, praise and worship are deeply personal and the most powerful points of connection with the Lord during those times will come from your “why” – why you worship, what you have to thank Him for, who He has shown Himself to be to you, personally. A common misconception about praise and worship is that it is about us and for us, when really, praise and worship are all about and for the Lord. But doesn’t He have everything He needs? Why would He want worship? Does He “need” praise?

There isn’t anything that humankind could ever offer the Lord that He needs. He “owns the cattle on a thousand hills” (Psalm 50:10) and said this, “Will I eat the flesh of bulls, or drink the blood of goats? Sacrifice a thank offering to God, and pay your vows to the Most High, and call on Me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you will glorify Me.” (Psalm 50:13-15) The Lord doesn’t have any needs, but He does have desires. He doesn’t need your praise and worship, He desires them. But why? He created you to worship, not so He could be affirmed and adored, but because worship is how your spirit connects with His Holy Spirit. He desires YOU.

Connecting with the Spirit, through the Sacrifice

Thanksgiving is the point of origin for all worship, but there are many ways to express the gratitude that is in your heart. Some people prefer to offer up “acts of worship”, like being kind or praying for someone or giving money to the poor, or even tithing, but those are not truly worship nor praise, Scripturally speaking. You cannot connect to the Spirit of God through money, nor through actions toward others or anything other than the sacrifice of praise. Why? Because praise and worship from the heart of thanksgiving are inward actions of intimacy and intention expressed through the body, (Romans 12:1) directly to the Lord Himself.

Worship is exclusively for the Lord, however, the “benefits of praise” are yours! Because God is so loving and faithful, as you praise Him, you tap into the blessings and benefits of dwelling in His presence and living a life connected to Him! And those things are not just for the individual worshipper, but for the world, through the individual worshipper. Paul wrote that even the sowing of a financial seed doesn’t just supply for your own needs, but is made abundant through many thanksgivings to God“! (2 Cor. 9:12) Did you catch that? Worship expands even the financial seeds you sow into greater blessings! The longer you stay connected to the Lord through praise, the stronger that connection is in the spiritual realm.

…praise and worship from the heart of thanksgiving are inward actions of intimacy and intention expressed through the body, directly to the Lord Himself.

~Alicia Purdy

Of course coming into worship with the expectation of the “results” of praise isn’t the same as praising the Lord just because you love Him. Living a lifestyle of worship means that your gratitude is ever-present and expressed freely to Him. It’s a spiritual discipline that takes time to develop and intention, but if you want more of God- it’s your to have! In reality, there isn’t “more” of God- He’s given you all that He has! You just need to connect to His Spirit and stay connected. Actually, He wants more of YOU!

Thought for today: Thanksgiving Makes a Way

Every follower of Christ wants more of Him in their lives. But reading the Word and praying regularly are only two-thirds of the picture. Worship needs to be a strong faith discipline that you incorporate into your daily life, but not “acts of worship” – worship in Spirit and truth, intimate and intentional and expressed from gratitude through your hands, your mouth, your body. That is the sacrifice of praise- and while the Lord doesn’t need sacrifices, He desires YOU and praise is how you can give Him more.

The Lord promised that the sacrifice of thanksgiving would “make a way” and would show you the “salvation of God” – (Psalm 50:23) those are powerful promises! Remember that praise and worship are for the Lord and because He is faithful, those benefits He has built into worship are yours! So don’t worry… Worship! When it comes to other forms of “worship” that do not align with the Word of God for what defines it, remember this – Scripturally speaking, tithing and giving are not an “act of worship”. They are an act of obedienceBut when you partner with the Lord and sow your money, and then worship God in thanksgiving, that blessing and supply extends beyond you and into the world! Hallelujah for another testimony of Jesus!

Thanksgiving is the Great Gift You can Give to the Lord, Here’s More!

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