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His Mercies are New Every Morning, so Your Praise Should be too!

The book of Lamentations is an emotionally complex book that conveys a profound message of hope amid anguish. The prophet Jeremiah, who had some very serious reasons to lament, wrote this book and even though the message he gives is filled with turmoil and sorrow, the purpose behind the descriptions of despair are to highlight the compassion, mercy, hope and faithfulness that is found in God. Even to those who are condemned by their own unfaithfulness, God is faithful. And, as Jeremiah so desperately cried out: His mercies are new every morning.

The hardships and pain of life don’t diminish the goodness of God. In fact, the goodness of God is magnified in the suffering we experience in this world, but the only way you’ll be able to see if amid the storms is by placing your pain into His capable hands. The act of taking your troubles to the Lord is not a one-time action, but will be be moment-by-moment at times. Worship is what will keep your connection to the Lord strong- and you’ll need it. The more time you spend ministering to Him, the more you’ll experience what it means to be safe under the shelter of His wing.

God Doesn’t Cause Bad Things, He Uses them for Your Good!

People question the goodness of God in hard times because they wonder how a “good” God could “allow” bad things to happen. That is a wrong perspective and a misunderstanding of who He is. Bad things aren’t “allowed” by God, because God is only good and you can’t assume that bad things are “good” if God will use them for good. You are not commanded to praise the Lord for all the bad things in your life, no! But the Word of God does absolutely point out that one of the supernatural powers of praise comes from worshipping the Lord through those bad things, and in spite of them.

Bad things are bad. God’s gift of freewill to His people means that you are as free to sin as someone else is free to sin against you. Disease, death, trauma, crime, hate and all kinds of wickedness exist in the world not because God “allows” it, but because mankind does. Yet, “His mercies are new every morning,” Jeremiah wrote. “Great is Your faithfulness.” There is always a reason to worship God, always. And when things are dark, you need the Father of Lights to shine His glory on you.

Disease, death, trauma, crime, hate and all kinds of wickedness exist in the world not because God allows it, but because mankind does…People harden their hearts toward God in seasons of lamentation, but it should be exactly the opposite.

~Alicia Purdy

You will find all that you need within the security of His presence that is created, built and opened through your praise. Psalm 22:3 says that your praise creates a place for the Spirit of God to come and rest. It’s the only way you’ll survive and thrive, victoriously. “Every morning”, Jeremiah said. Force yourself if you have to. Why? Because that is the essence of faith- pressing past the flesh and taking an action that proves that what you say you believe is really true! Worship God, daily. In every, single moment that hurts, for every lament, worship.

Thought for today: The Mercies of God Are More than Enough

The mercies of God are what will help you navigate this broken world until Jesus Christ calls you home. The tender-hearted, loving compassion that God has toward you will sustain you, but you have to allow it to. We all struggle in hard times to protect ourselves. It’s our natural instinct to harden our hearts and shut down, to throw up walls around ourselves toward pain and even toward God in seasons of lamentation, but it should be exactly the opposite. Lay yourself bare before Him in worship. Lift up your soul to the Lord, place yourself in His hands. Minister unto Him, bless Him, lift Him high. Set aside your lament in order to worship, every morning. God is faithful and His faithfulness knows no boundaries. A lament is about you. Worship is about God. Sing about His mercies, His faithfulness- even if you don’t see it yet. He blesses those who bless Him (Genesis 22:17). Turn your lamentations into worship and He will turn your mourning into dancing! (Psalm 30:11-12)

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