7 Hebrew Words for Praise,  Worship Devotions

Praise proves that your hope is truly in God

What makes you different from the rest of the world (among other things!) is that your hope is in the Lord and not in the “horses and chariots” of the world. The world’s power and might come from a misplaced hope in the created thing, rather than in the Creator; in the dead and powerless and not in the mighty, Living God. Without the hope you have in Jesus Christ- what is the point? Jesus reconciled sinful man to holy God. He intercedes for you continually before the Father. (Romans 8:34) His resurrection from death is the very reason why you put your hope in Him for your own resurrection from the dead, not only in a spiritual manner here on earth through salvation, but also into eternity after your time on earth is over.

You are the bearer of the testimony of Jesus that is very specific to you, and that only you can sing- and sing it you must!

“I will hope continually,” David wrote. “And will add to all Your praise.” That word “praise” David used was very intentional. It is the Hebrew word tehillah. “Tehillah” is the spontaneous, spirit-borne testimony you sing about Jesus Christ- who He is, and what He has done – through you, in you and for you. You are the bearer of the testimony of Jesus that is very specific to you, and that only you can sing- and sing it you must! Tehillah doesn’t work if it is not sung out because it is, in and of itself by definition, a song- a song you write from your spirit, in the moments of worship, unrehearsed and poured out from your innermost being and the world will “see and be in awe and put their trust in the Lord.” (Psalm 40:1-3) Ever wonder about your role in the Kingdom? There it is!

“I will add to all Your tehillah,” David wrote. Anyone can praise God when things are great, but when you are still waiting for your miracle, when your situation seems to be getting even more intense, that is when praise becomes truly powerful. Faith-powered praise is the height of glory to God! “I will hope continually,” David said. His prayers were still in play. His answers were still forthcoming, but his hope was continual and so was his tehillah.

Thought for today

Lamentations 3:22-23 says, “The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; His mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness.” (esv) All along the way, throughout the journey David’s tehillah was fresh and new, no matter what he was waiting for. Why? Because God’s mercies are new daily, and so your worship must be as well. Search for the “new thing” God is doing today. Worship Him for that, today. Out loud. Sing at church, right where you are standing, of today’s new mercies. You don’t have to yell or shout. Just sing. Don’t rehearse it. Let your spirit lead to His Spirit in worship. Add to His tehillah more and more, your hope will find new strength to be continual, as you wait for God to burst through for you.

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