Daniel January Worship Devotions

The right response to revelation

"Then Daniel blessed the God of heaven. Daniel answered and said: 'Blessed be the name of God forever and ever, for wisdom and might are His...." ~Daniel 2:19-20

How many times have you cried out to the Holy Spirit for revelation? I have- so many times! Maybe you’ve needed to know which choice to make, which path to walk, what opportunity to pursue, what door to walk through, or what to avoid. Maybe you’ve asked God for a word in season, or something to strengthen or guide you, or for inspiration to approach a tough situation. We cry to the Holy Spirit for revelation because God’s Word says that He reveals truth and speaks exactly what the Father is speaking. (John 15, and 16) We NEED Him!

Daniel was in the same position- and it was a life-or-death situation for him. The king was going to kill everyone unless someone could tell him 1) what he had dreamed and 2) what it meant. That put Daniel, whose life was immediately on the chopping block, into a very, very desperate situation! Daniel went to his friends and shared his need, and his friends prayed with him for “compassion from the God of heaven”, and for revelation.

Daniel did not make one move until he had stopped to bless and worship God, thanking Him, first, for His help in a desperate situation.

God moved quickly in their season of desperation and their answer arrived. What did Daniel do next? He did not throw on his robe and run to the king with the answer. Nope. He worshipped. Specifically, he blessed God, according to Daniel 2:19. Next, he wrote a worship song to God, from his heart of thanksgiving (Daniel 2:19-23). Daniel did not make one move until he had stopped to bless and worship God, thanking Him, first, for His help in a desperate situation.

“I thank and praise you, O God,” Daniel said. “Thank” is the Hebrew word “Yadah” and “praise” in this verse is the Hebrew word “shabach” – the image of worship Daniel did in response to God’s miracle were to raise his hands and shout unto God in thanksgiving. And he didn’t wait, nor hesitate. Blessing God with his worship was Daniel’s first priority and God made Daniel His first priority in return!

Thought for today

True worship, in “spirit and truth” as Jesus spoke about in John 4:23-24 is not one action in a singular moment of time. Worship is a lifestyle. Thanksgiving is the point of origin for all worship and as you develop a worship mindset, and discipline your response to be worship, in all things, you will find yourself naturally turning to the Lord in worship even in your darkest hours, as your first response in all things. There is power in that! There is victory! But you won’t naturally turn to worship in the tough times unless it has already been your life, who you are. You want the blessings and miracles Daniel had? Worship like he did and see how far God can take you!

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