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You’ll bow down to whatever you listen to

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego even though they were well-liked, respected and promoted to positions of recognition and authority, were persecuted for their faith. More specifically, for their worship of God.

In a land where kings were considered to be gods, Nebuchadnezzar, in Daniel chapter 3, decided to set up a statute to himself, and make a law requiring everyone to worship it. Why? We can speculate about his reasons, but one thing to note is this: Babylon had obliterated Jerusalem, taking many Jews into captivity as slaves.

Satan, too, wants to disconnect you from the Spirit of God…because he knows full well the power worship has to change your life, and defeat him.

Naturally, they would continue to worship God as they always had, but Nebuchadnezzar knew that to truly make them his, he would have to disconnect them from God.

Satan, too, wants to disconnect you from the Spirit of God. Why? Because he knows full well the power worship has to change your life, and defeat him- better than you know it. How does he do it? One of the primary ways Satan tries to disconnect you from God is through music. Lucifer was heaven’s worship leader, so he absolutely knows what he’s doing- and how to use music to spiritually influence you. You must be careful about what you allow into your spirit, especially when it comes to music. If you allow carnal or disrespectful, or curse-filled, negative, sexually charged, ungodly music into your mind and spirit you will bow down to it. YOU. WILL. And you will disconnect from God in the process. Nothing is worth that.

Thought for today

The power that music has over your emotions, your mindset, your heart attitude, your focus, your decisions, your relationships and even your beliefs and your perspectives cannot be emphasized strongly enough. You will hunger for what you feed on, that’s how my dad puts it, and it’s absolutely true. Nothing is worth disconnecting from the Spirit of God. Do you have to listen to exclusively worship music 24/7? Not necessarily. For that matter, Satan can even use worship music to disconnect you from actual worship. Listen to the lyrics you’re singing- examine them! Who are you singing to?! What are you singing about?!

Not all secular music is wicked or evil. Classical music is a one example, so is “Old MacDonald Had a Farm”. You need to use discernment and remain sensitive to what you’re putting into your mind and spirit, knowing that you WILL bow down in your heart to what you hear.

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