7 Hebrew Words for Praise

Worship makes a way for you on the path you’re walking

That advice of Paul is easier said than done, right? “Be anxious for nothing.” Nothing?! Those four, little words need to get out of my way right now! Health, finances, marriage, kids, employment, mortgage, the future- why would Paul be so all-encompassing to say “nothing” when everything is going crazy? Well, for the “in everything” part, Paul pointed to the antidote for the anxieties that threaten to overtake us all: prayer and worship.

“Supplication with thanksgiving” is worship as an act of faith. Pray to “make your requests known to God”, Paul wrote, and then worship. Thanksgiving is the point of origin for all worship, and without gratitude, there cannot be ministry unto the Lord. “Make thanksgiving your sacrifice to Me,” the Lord said in Psalm 50:14. In verse 23 of Psalm 50 the Lord said, “Whoever sacrifices a thank offering glorifies Me and makes a way.” Your worship makes a way- for what? For God to do something on your behalf!

Thanksgiving is the point of origin for all worship, and without gratitude, there cannot be ministry unto the Lord

Worship first. Worship, from a starting point of thanksgiving, for what you just prayed for. Do you have it yet? Nope. But that’s what Paul meant when he wrote about “supplication with thanksgiving”. Yes, ask. And then worship and thank God like it’s already been done for you! Worship makes a way!

Thought for today

Being anxious, or filled with fear happens when you slip into the “what if” scenarios. You have to stop that! Get it under control. Wherever God is, there is only peace that goes beyond your understanding of what you see, feel and hear. If you’re not experiencing a supernatural peace, God isn’t there. Why? Because God only exists in the future that He creates- not the future we create with our forecasting, “what if’s” and worried imaginings. Grab those thoughts captive in Jesus’ name! Being “anxious for nothing” is within your ability to control. Discipline your mind to be fixed on Him and stop thinking about what might happen. “In all things” go to God in prayer with your request and then worship like it’s already been done– because it has. Worship makes a way. Amen!

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