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3 Keys to Victory You’ll Find in the Story of Gideon

The most well-known story of Gideon was his victory over the mighty Midianite army, one of the world powers in his day, but within that epic are a number of powerful stories that led up to the victory Gideon became famous for. It is easy to only look at the epic stories of victory and triumph in other people’s lives and compare them to the “lesser” tales in your own, but that is the wrong perspective of the God who is the “Author and Finisher” of your faith. (Heb. 12:2).

Don’t forget that God uses the “unimpressive” people to shine His light into the darkness of the world, so if you’re feeling distinctly overlooked, under used, unimportant, shelved, ignored or passed over, you can still have a testimony of triumph like Gideon and King David, Moses and all those who were used by God. The kind of person God sees as necessary to His victories are not usually the ones the world wants to celebrate.

The Real Story of Gideon Starts With Willing Obedience

The biggest asset Gideon had going for him was that he was willing. By his own account, he was the weakest and youngest in his entire family. (Judges 6:15) Yet God saw him differently (Judges 6:12) and He used Gideon to confront a powerful enemy. But Gideon didn’t just burst onto the scene. Like many people of faith used mightily by God, there were many steps taken in obscurity, there were many private battles he had to face first.

Gideon had to confront the idolatry within his family – and it wasn’t easy, but he was willing. And before things even got to the point of battle, Gideon was overcome with fear and self-doubt and the Lord had to deal with that in him as well- and he remained willing in the process.

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The power within the story of Gideon is written in the everyday willingness he had to move ahead in spite of all the other details. It is easy to get mired down in all the tiny fears and hang ups and minute details that feel important when the Lord is calling on you to act, but if you want a great victory in the big things in your life, you must first have great victories in the small things in your life.

If you want a great victory in the big things in your life, you must first have great victories in the small things in your life.

~Alicia Purdy

Yes, Gideon had moments of insecurity, as everyone does. He asked God for multiple signs to confirm His word, yes. But he was still willing to go. He needed a little encouragement, but Gideon never said no. It wasn’t an option. Gideon was a humble person of faith and of praise– and those qualities made him a warrior in God’s eyes.

Three Keys to Victory in the Story of Gideon

  1. Gideon listened to the Lord’s words: In Judges 7:1-11, the Lord gave Gideon instructions that defied everything a “real” warrior would have done, but he was willing to obey. Gideon had seen the Lord back up His Word, and when it came time for the biggest battles, he relied on his personal testimony of the power of God in his life.
  2. Gideon worshipped the Lord: When God speaks a word of victory, worship, as an act of faith, should be the immediate response, making your worship the “evidence of things not seen”. (Heb. 11:1) Is there still a battle to fight? Yes, the battle has yet to be won, but your worship is the first strike of war against the enemy- and it will ultimately strike the winning blow!
  3. Gideon took action: After the Lord spoke to him, and he had worshipped, Gideon then returned to the camp of Israel and called out, “Get up! The Lord has given the Midianite camp into your hands.” (Judged 6:15) His faith was powered by his worship because the true power in praise is your position inside the presence of God. It was at this point that he was ready to face the biggest enemy of all- and WIN. (Judges 7:22-25) That is what makes Gideon’s story worth reading!

Thought for today: Gideon’s Story Wasn’t Easy to Write

God used Gideon to tell a story of His miracle working power, and Gideon was able to be used because he was willing to listen, to worship and to obey. You don’t have to be famous, “important”, rich, well-connected or even recognized in order to be used by God or to be effective in the Kingdom.

You can even put out that fleece and ask a few questions! But your faith, which is made strong through praise and worship in His presence, will compel you past your fear if you’re willing to face it.

What the story of Gideon shows is that God is writing a history of personal testimonies in your life that you will need in the day of your greatest battle. Worship was Gideon’s immediate response to the word of the Lord. He experienced very human emotions like fear, self-doubt, and insecurities like everyone else does, so he had to win spiritual victory before he could win victory in the natural.

Worship will strengthen you to face your personal battles- of every kind. Gideon responded in worship to the word of the Lord as an act of faith that the Lord would do as He said- even before the results were in- and the Lord was faithful to Gideon- as He will be to you.

Take the Story of Gideon and Make it Your Own!

“How Your Praise Proves the Joy of the Lord is Your Strength”

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