December spiritual warfare victory Worship Devotions

Worship like you’ve already won!

"When Gideon heard the telling of the dream and its interpretation, he worshipped, returned to the camp of Israel, and said..." ~Judges 7:15

Gideon was one of the most unlikely judges in Israel. By his own account, he was the weakest and youngest in his entire family. (Judges 6:15) And yet God used him and a scrappy band of non-soldiers to defeat the mightiest army on earth at the time. But before things even got to the point of battle, Gideon was overcome with fear and self-doubt and the Lord had to deal with that in him first.

The thing about Gideon is this: He was afraid, yes. He asked God for multiple signs to confirm His word, yes. But he was still willing to go. He needed a little encouragement, true, but Gideon never said no. It wasn’t an option. Gideon was a humble man of faith in God and also a man of worship. He was God’s idea of a perfect leader!

Worship should always be your first step, before you even enter the battlefield.

Worship wins wars! It’s true! When God positioned the Levites, the worship leaders of their day, it was always in front of the battle. Worship should always be your first step, before you even enter the battlefield. Look at Gideon: When God confirmed His word to Gideon, that Gideon would not only lead his people into battle, but would win, Gideon’s next step, before going into the actual fight, was to worship!

Here’s what he did (Judges 7): He heard the word, he worshipped, he went to the people and he spoke that word, and then acted on that word. That’s your path too! When God speaks a word of victory, your immediate response should be to worship Him, as an act of thanksgiving in faith. Is there still a battle to fight? Oh yes! But worship will empower you to turn and speak that word of faith into those fighting with you and for you, and those fighting their own battles. And then- action! The battle has yet to be won, but your worship is the first strike of war against the enemy- and it will be the winning blow!

Thought for today

Worship was Gideon’s immediate response to the word of the Lord. He experienced very human emotions like fear, self-doubt, insecurities and not feeling like he was enough to be used by God- and yet God chose him. Why? Because, in spite of it all, Gideon was submitted and obedient. He knew that worship would be his source of strength, so when God gave the word, Gideon responded in worship, as an act of faith that the Lord would do as He said- even before the results were in! Your challenge today: Whatever your battle is, worship with thanksgiving, like you’ve already won! Amen!

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