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It is written of Me

The Word of God is the foundation for all spirit and truth worship. The entire Bible testifies of Jesus Christ (“…as it is written of Me in the volume of the book…” – Psalm 40:7; Hebrews 10:7) and the foundation for our worship must always be the Word. Operating outside the Word of God is a tactic of the enemy to disconnect you from the Spirit of the Lord and rob you of the blessings that true worship brings. Did you know that even God operates within the perimeters of His Word? Only with the Scriptures as the basis for worship can true worship be written and expressed. Psalm 138:2 says that God has magnified His Word even above His own name! There is no higher nor more pleasing worship to the Lord than what is expressed in His Word.

Is there anything wrong with being poetic or singing from the heart? Of course not! However, there is a problem when poetic license gets in front of the words of God, as written in the Bible. There is a problem when concepts and ideas and feelings become the words we sing, rather than the Scriptures. If you want your worship to have power, real, actual, spiritual power in the heavenly realms, only the Word of God can produce that. Ask yourself: What are the words I am singing in worship? What do they mean? Where is Scriptural evidence for these truths?

Did you know that even God operates within the perimeters of His Word?

According to John 1:1, Jesus, the Word, was there in the beginning, taking part in the creation of the world, with the Holy Spirit and the Father. Jesus shed His heavenly godhood to take upon Himself the grit of an earthly existence (Hebrews 5:17), knowing He would have to die to be our salvation That sacrifice, right there, is reason enough to worship Him! Our worship starts with the Word, the only source of truth throughout all of time. As we worship, we testify of Jesus Christ, the Word. Without Him, and the Word of God, there can be no worship.

Thought for the day:

The words you sing in worship, and at church matter! Is the music you worship with fully Scriptural, focused on lifting Him high or are they more like “stories”, telling God about your life or your feelings or giving Him the news about your situation? While those are lovely ideas, they are not what God, in His Word, defines as “praise” or “worship”. Worship is one thing: Ministry unto Him. It’s alright to enjoy all kinds of faith-based music, but it’s of the utmost importance to understand what worship is (and what it is not) and to be able to keep the two separate times set aside for worship. Take the time to examine the lyrics of songs you love to use in your worship and assess them according to what God has asked for in worship. You may be surprised at what you’ll find!

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