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YouTube channel launch!

"We give thanks to You, O God; we give thanks, and Your name is near; Your wondrous works declare it." ~Psalm 75:1

At last The Way of the Worshipper’s official YouTube channel has launched! There has been much travailing and hesitation on my part, but the Lord has been good to remain patient with me. He showed me that I was waiting for the opportunity to pursue perfection, when He has called me to WORSHIP. You can subscribe to the channel on YouTube so you don’t miss anything- include LIVE worship with me, to start the day!


Also, you may know (or not) that a worship podcast will also be born from The Way of the Worshipper’s YouTube channel to expand the vision God gave me to continue to exhort, teach, and encourage the body of Christ on the subject of worship. More specifically, connecting and maintaining a connection to the Spirit of God in worship because Satan desperately wants to break that connection using any means possible- even worship music itself! Coming soon….! 

Thank you for praying for the success and expansion of The Way of the Worshipper ministry! No more striving for perfection, or waiting for the right opportunity. NOW is the right time, and the opportunity is before you, says the Lord! Amen! 🙂

A quick word of encouragement to start your day: 

Asaph wrote, in Psalm 75:1, “We give thanks to You, O God; we give thanks, and Your name is near; Your wondrous works declare it.” Did you see that? We give thanks, and His name is near. That name that is above every name. The name that has all power in heaven and on earth. Peace. Righteousness. Provision. Healing. Truth. Justice. Strong Tower. The Rock. The Light of the World. The Lion. The Lamb. The Great King Above All gods. The Beginning and the End.

The original for all worship is thanksgiving, gratitude. Without thanks, there can be no worship. It’s not possible. Worship cannot exist without thanksgiving. People “worship” for many reasons, but if the first reason isn’t gratitude, it’s not worship. We “give thanks” and all those things that God is, all of those names (so many names!) are right there, next to you, surrounding you, protecting you, singing over you. Remember the old song “He’s as close as the mention of His name”? This is the reason!

Give thanks to God today, worship, stir yourself up, your memories of His faithfulness- and give thanks. He is right there! And within Himself, He has brought all you need. Amen!

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