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Sola Scriptura

In Psalm 138, David declares his worship of God will be with his whole heart, that he will sing and praise God in front of anyone, anywhere. Why? He was impressed with God’s greatness, yes. He was grateful for God’s help, yes. But in Psalm 138, David declares another reason for his worship saying, …for You have exalted Your word above all Your name.” Why is that a reason to worship?

The Word of God is above everything, even God’s own name, and as such it must be the foundation for all worship. This type of worship is exactly what Jesus was referring to in John 4 when He said that all true worshippers must worship “in spirit and in truth.” The only source of truth in all of the universe, throughout all time and eternity is the Word of God- nothing else.

Everything we sing, everything we declare, everything of which we testify must be traced directly back to the Word of God.

Unscriptural or extra-Biblical songs are not worship, even if they minister to you personally. Why? Because worship is not about you! Everything we sing, everything we declare, everything of which we testify must be traced directly back to the Word of God.

It’s okay to examine the words of the songs you are singing to Him. Worship is only one this: Ministry unto Him. Are you singing about God, or to Him? Is thanksgiving your point of origin to enter into His gates? Is the Word of God the foundation and inspiration for what you’re singing? Examine your worship. Dig deep! These are crucial questions to answer as you seek to strengthen your connection to His Spirit. With deeper understanding, you will find a deeper connection to Him in your worship, and in everything else as well.

Thought for today

Everything on earth is under subjugation to the Word of God, whether they acknowledge that truth or not. God’s Word is our source of inspiration, revival, testimony, encouragement, discipline, healing (Psalm 107:20), wisdom, understanding, prevention and so much more. If God, Himself, placed His Word above even His own name, how much more must we? What higher praise can there ever be but that which is written from His Word? The Lord deserves nothing less than our highest praise, and His Word is where it must begin and end.

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