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(Since this is the inaugural blog post of this blog, I crave your indulgence for a few moments as this post will be a little bit longer than the regular devotional posts!)

The first thing I want to share with you about worship is that God created you for worship. Yes, He wants you to share the Gospel, and be salt and light, and help the hungry, sick and poor, raise the dead and to take the authority of Jesus’ name over spiritual forces of sin and darkness- all good things! But that’s now why you were created. You were created for relationship with Him, to connect with Him on a spirit-to-Spirit level through worship, specifically. Strengthening your worship connection to the Lord will be a journey you walk for the rest of your life, until you see Him face to face.

That picture at the top of this page is me, at 7 years old, learning to play the piano. I’ve always loved to worship God! Have I always walked in His ways? NO. But He is faithful! It wasn’t until I understood the tremendously powerful tool that worship is, that I was able to utilize it to keep myself connected to Him- and that has made the different in everything.

Do you want more of God? Well, God wants more of YOU!

The book, “The Way of the Worshipper” was written because of a vision, a burden to share a powerful, life-changing message of worship that has become lost in the music. When it comes to connecting to the Spirit of God, everything matters to Him. WHY you worship matters. (Read more about “What’s your WHY?“) The words of songs you sing do matter. How you express yourself in worship matters. How you live your life is important because God is light, and He will not bless nor commune with darkness. Your understanding of how to use worship in seasons of warfare is critical to your victory! And there so much more…!

When it comes to connecting to the Spirit of God, everything matters to Him.

TheWayoftheWorshipper.com is an ongoing ministry of the vision that ignited the book-connecting with the Spirit of God through restoring intimacy, purpose and understanding in worship. With the Word of God as the foundation, this blog is built upon the vision to exhort, uplift, encourage, teach, challenge, inspire, and grow the people in the kingdom of God on the subject of worship. (By the way – You can subscribe to this blog by clicking the “FOLLOW” button to your right, so you never miss the newest devotional or blog post!) 

…and now, onto the very first Way of the Worshipper worship devotion!

Psalm 119:54 says, “Your statutes have been my songs in the house of my pilgrimage…” This Scripture is profound in its statement because along your life’s journey you will experience seasons of pilgrimage – seasons where you don’t belong, seasons where you are among a people that are not your own, where you don’t feel at home, where you stand out or feel judged, misunderstood, taken advantage of or even attacked. Even just on this earth alone, as a follower of Christ, you are not of this world, but are a pilgrim until you reach eternity with Him. It is during those times when we beg God for direction, for support, for His help. We lean on Him to get us through those valleys- and He does! How? Worship.

The word “songs” the writer refers to in this verse is a form of the Hebrew word zamarwhich specifically are songs of praise and rejoicing in seasons of adversity and trouble. The book of Job notes that God gives us “songs in the night” (Job 35:10)- and that is what the writer is saying here- that worship will be your comfort and guide in the “house of your pilgrimage”, in the night seasons when you feel like a stranger in your own life.

Our worship must be directly linked to the Word of God the only source of truth in existence

Worship in “spirit and truth”, as Jesus refers to in John 4:23-24, is the only true worship that will be of any help as you journey through seasons of pilgrimage. “Your statutes have been my songs” the writer of Psalm 119 says- our worship must be basec exclusively on the Word of God the only source of truth in existence. “Statutes” are the conditions, guidances, boundaries and limitations God has placed upon you during your pilgrimage, found in His Word, as you study to learn, connect, grow and strengthen your faith. Why? Because He knows where you are and where He wants you to be- and He will get you there with His Word to light the path. (Psalm 119:105) In the “house of your pilgrimage” you’re going to need your connection to His Spirit more than ever, so get into His Word and worship!

Thought for the day

Worship is a lifestyle. (You’re going to hear this over and over…!) While worship is useful and powerful at all times, when you develop a lifestyle of habitual, daily worship, your relationship with the Lord, your ability to discern His voice and His ability to flow through you, especially in difficult times, becomes natural, fluid and instinctual. Just as important- when worship is your lifestyle, you exist in His presence (Psalm 22:3) in which everything you need to have a successful, victorious pilgrimage through anything is found. Set yourself up for victory no matter where your journey takes you by developing the discipline and lifestyle of a worshipper! Let’s do this! I am so glad you are on this journey with me- we need each other!

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